Best Hair Clippers For Barbers

best hair clippers for barbersWhat are the Best Hair Clippers for Barbers? has spent some time thoroughly researching this often asked question for you and compiled a list of the best hair clippers for barbers in order to save you time and also save you from wasting your hard earned money on hair clippers that are unsuitable for the barbing business

Having the best hair clippers for barbers that your money can buy is a step in the right direction for making it big in the barbing business.

The barbing business is booming and now is the time to cash in. If you are just thinking of starting up your own barbing salon…. then you want to get on board right now.

More and more people are now paying close attention to the way they look and customers are demanding their moneys worth and looking for excellent services that can provide value for their money.

For you to deliver high quality services that will attract and retain customers in your business you need to have the best hair clippers for barbers that can get the job of removing hair done quickly, efficiently and smoothly with little or no discomfort to your customer.


Hair clippers play a key role in the kind of service you as a barber is able to offer and deliver.


Most inexperienced barbers are often faced with the problem of offering high quality hair cutting services using poor quality hair clippers.

You have the necessary skills but your tools continuously let you down limiting the success of your business.

This implies that you rarely get returning customers and you cannot charge more for your services because you lack the best hair clippers for barbers that will enable you offer the kind of service that your skill set can offer.


Importance of Owning The Best Hair Clippers For Barbers

Professional Hair Clippers are now more widely available on the market nowadays that there is no excuse for not having one, especially if you really want to make a go of the business of cutting hair.

Although their are numerous hair clippers on the market,…

it can be difficult knowing which clippers are the best hair clippers for barbers to buy.

You would learn from this article

1) Why You Need To Get The Best Clippers For Barbers

2) The type of hair clippers you must have as a barber – You may not have heard about some of them

3) The key elements to consider when selecting the best hair clippers to buy as a barber

4) What the best hair clippers for barbers are on the market for removing different types of hair – This list of “best hair clippers for barbers” will enable you make an informed choice next time you go shopping for hair clippers.

 5) Where best to buy the best hair clippers from as a professional barber


Best Hair Clippers For Barbers To Have

Barbers are supposed to be equipped with all sorts of hair clipping tool.

This is to ensure that you are able to deal with different requirements of your clients.

There is nothing worse than having to turn a client away just because you do not have the right tools the job..

You want to know as a barber that you could deal with any hair form coming at you in whatever community that you operate

You need a whole range of clippers such as

  • Hair fader Clippers for easy fading
  • Balding hair clippers – To meet the needs of clients that need a clean bald shave.
  • Hair Taping Clippers  – The taper lever ensures you are able to easily adjusts the length of the cut
  • Nose Clippers  – You need the right tools to be able to get rid of nose hair
  • Scissors – You need the right pair of shears also come in handy when designing hair to the desired taste of the client.
  • Razors – A straight razor is another hair clipping tool that you need to add texture and design to hair.


Owning The Best Hair Clippers For Barbers – The Benefits

Hair clippers are used to clip and design hair as requested by a client.

How well you do as a barber is dependent on the skill set and the clipping tools used.

Having poor quality clipping tools limits the extent to which you can produce excellent results.

This is because hair Clippers are designed to enable the barber clip hair in the best way possible.

The best hair clippers for barbers are labelled so because of how effective they are in clipping hair.

This implies that the success of a barber is highly dependent on the clipping tools used.


Not Having A Good Set Of Hair Clippers Can End Up Costing You More

Barbers who use poor quality clipping tools struggle in the trade.

It will be difficult to retain clients if your clients cannot get the type of the haircut they want from you.

It’s hard to convince clients that you are serious in this business if all they can see when they enter your shop is the same hair clippers that they have at home…

Besides the type of clippers that you get in packs are more suitable for home use and cannot withstand being on for a long session which is what you need for dealing with a huge number of people

Stay ahead of your competitors by acquiring the best hair clippers for barbers available in the market.


Hair Clippers For Barbers – Factors To Consider When Purchasing

The best hair clippers for barbers should be durable, have grip, have a high speed, and easy to handle.

This combination of factors allows them to serve the barber efficiently and for a long period making them value for money.

Finding quality equipment is not an easy task in itself.

Many malls stock so many makes of the same item that will lead to the newly trained barber to get confused. It is therefore important that proper research is done before buying any tool of the trade.

A visit to the most frequented barbershops reveals one thing.


However modern everything else looks, the machines that do the actual job are always made by companies with almost a century of experience.

It is not rare to find for example the  Andis clipper blades there.

The advantage of buying from such makers is that you get the most tried and improved equipment.

Such product tend to be relatively expensive since they have an edge over the rest.

For instance, oster clippers have very powerfull motors yet are small in size. This combination of features is hard to find in recently developed makes.

Apart from the equipment being a lightweight, you need one whose blade is easy to adjust. Obviously this is because most of your clients’ hair will be of different length to begin or to end with.

You need hair clippers that you can adjust quickly…. To adjust oster clipper blades is as easy as it gets, whereas others may require so much trouble to even locate.

Another point to consider is the ease with which you can clean the blade.

The clipper should be easy to disassemble. If you cannot reach the blade easily, it means that you will not be able to clean and oil it as required in order to maintain is sharp edge. This results in having to replace it sooner than you should have to.

As you will be dealing with different types of hair, it is essential that your machine be able to shave the toughest of hair.

This is only possible with the most powerfull equipment in the market, such as the oster 76 clipper.

You will not only have it easy shaving using an equipment with a powerful motor, but the customer will also be comfortable through out the session.


The Best Hair Clippers For Barbers On The Market


1. Oster Professional 76023-510 Adjustable Fast Feed Hair Clipper

oster professional fast feed hair clipper

Oster Professional 76023-510 Adjustable Fast Feed Hair Clipper

The Oster fast feed is a super fast hair clipper that can go through any hair type you are cutting…. it also comes with an adjustable lever which can be adjusted to go from a # 1 to #000 in length – a very useful feature for fading any haircut you give.

The Oster fast feed comes with a pivot motor which is the reason it is super fast and also much more quiet than a lot of clippers on the market. It also does not quickly heat up. Great for use on kids and people with very sensitive skin.

If you are starting off as a barber, the Oster fast feed is a great clipper to have in your arsenal of barbering tools. It is very light in weight (compared to other Clippers such as the Oster Classic 76 hair clippers) and very easy to handle.

The Oster Fast Feed comes with 4 guide combs (1/2”, 3/8”, ¼” and blending), a blade guard, cleaning brush, lubricating oil and an 8 feet power cord which is all you need to start of with your hair cutting business.

Check Availability & Latest Price

2.  Oster 76076-010 Classic 76 Professional Hair Clipper

oster classic 76 professional hair clipper

Oster 76076-010 Classic 76 Professional Hair Clipper

The Oster Classic 76 hair clipper is one of the best hair clippers for barbers throughout the world. They are quite popular among barbers and used in most barber shops but are also perfect for home use.

The Oster Classic 76 Hair clipper are heavy-duty clippers that are designed to last through thousands of cuts and can even withstand being accidentally dropped. The universal rotary motor on this model makes it easy to cut through any type of hair and the ergonomic design and textured housing make them easier to grip and handle through even the longest cuts. The blades are very sharp and they are interchangeable.

If you are serious about the barber business… this is one hair clipper you must own! It is indeed one of the best hair clippers for barbers

Check Availability & Latest Price

3. Andis Phat Master Hair Clipper

Andis Phat master hair clipper

Andis Phat Master Hair Clipper

The andis phat master clipper is a specially designed tool perfect for all-around styling and barbering. If you are going to be dealing with a lot of african american hair or ethnic hair….. this is one clipper you must have in your toolkit. It features a new phat blade that cuts higher on the head making it great for blending. It has a powerful magnetic motor that generates 14,000 cutting strokes per minute and a non-slip better-grip for comfortable and safe use.

The Andis phat master clipper is the perfect companion to andis’ master and fademaster clippers. where the master and fademaster are perfect for shorter cuts and fading, the phatmaster is designed to cut longer hair lengths up to a #2 blade. and just a single lever adjusts clipper blades from #1a to #2, eliminating the need for multiple blades.

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4. Wahl professional 8110 5- Star Series Balding Clipper

Wahl balding Hair clipper

Wahl professional 8110 5- star series balding clipper

The Wahl 5-star balding hair clipper is the perfect clipper for tight fades and full head balding. In the market today, no other clipper comes close to matching the performance of this close-shave clipper. So whether you are a professional barber or a home user, this balding hair clipper should be on your radar.

It is one of the best clippers for barbers and home users as it has been specifically designed for the balding look that is for people who want to shave their head clean without necessarily using a razor.

This clipper comes with super sharp surgical blades that will shave any head down to the scalp. You will have some clients come in as a barber that want a clean shave as a barber…. This is the clipper to use!!

Check Availability & Latest Price

5. Andis Master Hair Clipper (01557)

2. Andis Master Hair Clipper (Silver – 01557)

Andis master hair clipper (01557)

The Andis Master Professional Clipper is designed for a great trimming experience. It’s an ideal trimmer for all-around outlining and fading which is one thing you will need to be able to do as a barber.

This Clipper is equipped with side on-off operation switch, which can be comfortably handled with the push of a thumb. It comes with carbon-steel blades that are adjustable for fine to coarse hair.

Using this clipper will make dry cutting easy and comfortable. It’s an easy to use hair clipper that will give you results in no time.

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6. Andis T-outliner with t-blade (04710)

andis t- outlinerAndis T-outliner with t-blade (04710)

The Andis T-Outliner trimmer especially one equipped with a close-cutting T-Blade is perfect for all-around outlining and fading. The T-Blade is ideal for trimming necks, beards, mustaches, and edging around ears. The Andis T-Outliner comes with fine-cutting teeth which allow for extremely close cutting that is ideal for fades and design work.

The contoured housing of the Andis T-Outliner fits comfortably in your hand and the heavy-duty eight-foot cord allows for plenty of room to work as a barber. It comes with a super high-speed, powerful magnetic motor that runs cool and quiet so its quite good to use on sensitive skin and where you need sharp edges, lines and to clean up beards. The high quality carbon-steel blades are specially hardened for long-life cutting.

If you are interested in doing design works on hair and giving sharp, crispy cuts…. you have to get this hair trimmer!!

Check Availability & Latest Price

7. Wahl Five Star Magic Professional Hair Clipper Model 8451

Wahl Five Star Magic Professional Hair Clipper Model 8451

 Wahl Five Star Magic Professional Hair Clipper Model 8451

The Wahl 5 Star magic are tight and powerful in every way and deserves its place on the list of best hair clippers for barbers. They are sharp, quiet, cool running and precise.

The Wahl 5 Star magic comes with The NEW V9000 motor which is 50% more powerful than the standard Wahl V5000 magnetic motors fitted on most home use hair clippers. The attachments and extra fine tuning with the adjustable lever should allow you to achieve almost any hair cut you desire.

Check Availability & Latest Price

8. Wahl 84701 Professional Super Taper II Hair Clipper

Wahl Professional Super Taper II Hair Clipper

Wahl 84701 Professional Super Taper II Hair Clipper

The Wahl Super Taper II Clippers are definitely professional grade clippers, very sturdy and well built. These clippers are equipped with a powerful V5000 motor that works well on any hair type including clients with thick hair.

You can achieve any look you want with the included eight color-coded guides that provide you with cuts from 1/8” to 1”. You’ll also receive a styling comb to use during and after your cut, as well as lubricating oil and a cleaning brush to maintain your clippers.

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9.  Wahl Professional 8500 Senior Premium Clipper

wahl pro senior

Wahl Professional 8500 Senior Premium Clipper

The Wahl Professional Senior hair clipper is quite popular among barbers and are generally used for every type of hair cutting need. It is one of the best clippers to have as a barber. The “Senior” can buzz through hair like a hot knife through butter. They can handle any hair type and are quite good for afro hair which are usually coarser and thicker.

The “Wahl Seniors” as it is popularly referred to in the industry are quite good for doing fades too.

Check Availability & Latest Price


10. Oster Model 10 Hair Clipper

oster model 10 clipper

Oster Model 10 Hair Clipper

The Oster Model 10 Clippers are quite similar to the Classic 76 hair clippers only that they are much lighter and more compact than the Classic Oster 76 Clippers. The Oster Model 10 Clipper also uses a powerful rotary motor and comes with a detachable blade system.

The efficiency of detachable blade clippers will save you time …. and time means money especially if you are a barber!

Although the Oster Model 10 Clipper are slightly more expensive than most home use hair clippers, they are worth their weight in gold. The best part is that Oster makes interchangeable blade sizes for these. Also they have a #00000 blade which is AWESOME for high and tights and for shaving head! These clippers are great and highly recommended.

All Oster 76 Professional blades are also compatible with this clipper and you can invest in additional blades as needed.

If you are just starting out, or a veteran, these are the perfect detachable blade clippers to buy. You will own them for the rest of your career. Highly recommend!

Check Availability & Latest Price



These clippers listed above are the best hair clippers for barbers on the market as rated by users. All of them are designed in a way that makes them very effective hair clippers. They are all built to last and are all designed to clip hair easily and effectively on a continuous basis.

If you are also an experienced barber and you feel a specific hair clipper should definitely be on the list of best hair clippers for barbers, why not share your opinion below; We will investigate your recommended hair clipper and add it to the list if appropriate.

Take a look at the video clip below and see what the experiences of one barber is


Best Hair Clippers For Barbers – The Beginners Guide




Where Best To Buy The Best Clippers From

The best place to buy your professional hair clippers from is on the web. You can easily compare prices among competing stores on the net without having to troll round shops in search of a hair clippers for barbers. Besides you get to do the shopping in the privacy of your own home.

You will need to be careful purchasing online though to make certain that you aren’t being ripped off for the shipping costs. The majority of the dependable retailers should give cost price shipping, or free of charge shipping, so you shouldn’t have to worry regarding this too much if you stick to a honest internet site.

We have included links to reputable sellers on Amazon to each and everyone of the clippers that we have listed here to make it easy for you to not only check out what others are saying about saying about each clipper but also for you to be able to check availability and the latest prices. The sooner you get the right tools …. the faster you can get your barber business on the right track



If you are a barber just starting up or you are contemplating starting your own barber business…. This list of the best hair clippers for barbers will go a long way in helping you to succeed in this highly lucrative business. Buying any hair clippers on this list will enable you to use your skills thoroughly leading to many satisfied customers and a high revenue.

If you are looking for full detailed reviews of the a specific hair clipper… You can also check out our hair clippers reviews section to see full detailed reviews of individual hair clipper.

If you have experienced using any of the clippers listed above, we want to read about your experience and would welcome your feedback.


Best Hair Clippers For Barbers


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  1. Easy question, and probably obvious too. If the length of my hair is below the 1 setting (i.e. 1 on top/ 1 on the sides), the blade will not cut anything, right?

  2. A barber is out of the question, I am simply too poor to do that. what i normally do is just take a number 6 across my entire head but then after a while the hair on the sides gets too long and it looks like my eyes are close together. i need the hair on the sides of my head shorter but i don’t know how to layer it.

    don’t tell me to get it done at a barbershop, i will report your answer.

  3. Im thinking of getting a buzz cut but I want to know how fast my hair would grow back in case i didn’t like it. Its about 3-4 inches right now.

  4. I own 2 pairs of hair clippers, a Wahl and an Oyster, both inexpensive. It takes me a while to cut my own hair having to do 3-4 passes. This also irritates my scalp very much. What is a good clipper between $100 – $150 for cutting my own hair? A set that I only need to do one pass. Thanks

  5. I want to know all the comb sizes that a barber usually use. if you can give me the smallest size to the biggest i will be thankful.

  6. I was wondering about hair clippers and all those numbers with them. I went to the barber and he asked what number. I said 3, i know that from past experience because i know what hair style i like but is it possible for clippers with a number 3 guard on it to cut hair shorter? And my facial hair trimmer came with guards two and its the same deal with that. BEST ANSWER = 10 POINTS

  7. I’ve never cut anyone’s hair before and I have no idea where to start. He has normal hair but it curls when it gets long, He usually wears a hat and when it grows out his hair curls up and out from under it. He just wants it cut short, but not too short and to look neat. He usually goes to a barbers, but we don’t have the money and I’m afraid I’m gonna butcher his hair if I try to cut it. Please help!!!

  8. I’m in college and to save money I’m going to start doing my own hair, they’re just buzzes anyway. I’m looking for $50 or below. Needs to have guides up to an inch. And I’d be ordering online so post a link too.


  9. I did some research and found out that the “Oster Classic 76” and the “Andis Fade Master” are the best for black males. Is this true? If, not what are the best clippers? And where can i find them for a good price?

  10. I just got a haircut today at V’s barber And I got a 5 1/2 on top and was wondering is there something that is a tiny bit shorter on top than a 5 1/2, like a 5 1/4 on top. And what is the length a 5 1/2 on top and if there’s a 5 1/4 what’s the size too. Thankyou

  11. Im in college now and I want a haircut, back in my home i just said a number 2 on the sides and the back and on the top short but not too short which is just short on the sides and back but a number 1 is also short so i just say short idk how else to describe it. So I want to ask if the number system the same for all barber shops or can it vary? Oh also the #2 was from a picture/poster they had but i dont think all of the posters are the same in each barber shop.

  12. Where can I get a good hair clipper for about $40? If you have one that was cheap and works great let me know the brand and model name. Thank you.

  13. -if you know wahl clippers u know that it is very tough to blend in the # 1 guard with a # 2 guard so thats why they make a 1 1/2 guard to take out hard edges it is 3/16″.
    -i used a speed o guide that was 3/16′ and i still can’t blend in the one guard with that even when my clipper blade is fully extended, i really need halp plz
    -no stupid answers and if you’re giving me a link make sure it works

  14. I usually give myself a buzz cut. The catch is, I have very thick and coarse hair. The past clippers I’ve had (Remington and Conair brands), I’ve either burned out the motor or the sheers simply won’t cut through my hair as a result. So now I’m looking for a pair of clippers with a higher-end motor in it. I was looking at Wahl and Oster but I’m open for suggestions. Again, I need something that can handle my thick and coarse hair.

  15. I’m looking for a relatively inexpensive set of hair clippers that have a size #16 or #14. (2 inch or 1.75″)

    I have googled the snot out of this, but cannot find a pair that large anywhere.

  16. When I cut my hair the barber always asks me what level clippers I want. I know it usually rangers between 1-6 where I cut my hair. Which level will leave my hair longest? Is it 1-6, 6 being giving me the shortest haircut?Or is it the opposite with 6 giving me a haircut that doesn’t take much length off?

  17. my b/friend has tried various hair clippers including nicky clark and babyliss but has not round any that a any good. He has a grade 2.

    Please advise what are the best clippers to get – help from salon owners/barbers would be much appricated or just anyone who has tried and tested clippers

    Thanks in advance x

  18. Should i get an undercut at a hair salon or I can do it on my own with hair clippers – what is better for me?

  19. My hair right now has a shag skater style but I really want to buzz it for the summer. My hair is about 2-2.5 inches long and I want to get a #3 or #4 buzz. So.. Will it grow back before school starts? Please answer I really don’t want to look stupid first day back at school LOL.

  20. Well I just want to know like what type of machines do they use to cut hair. I know every barber probably has their own personal choice and the answer varies but I just want to get a good idea. I love how their hair clippers cut especially when I go to the barber and get a line up which is a rare thing. I just like how they pass the machine on my head like one time and it leaves me hair perfect. I usually just get a number 1 because I like my hair short. Well I would appreciate if someone could give me some names of good hair clippers that barbers use, it doesn’t necessarily have to be what barbers use but at least some good ones. I want to start learning how to cut hair or at least teach my dad because he cuts my hair most of the time. Going to the barber shop is real expensive and I only go on special occasions so this would definitely save me some money.

  21. i got it buzzed down to a 1 or mabey 0. theres almost little to no hair left. how long will it be in one week, and in a month? p.s it helps if you say the clipper size like 2…3 etc

  22. My hair is so thick that whenever i go get my haircut the person cutting it always comments on how thick it is, which isn’t too much a problem, but it is so thick that anything like gel that i use to try to keep it down after a shower doesn’t really work unless i use gops of it which sucks because then i end up with shiny, greasy ass lookin hair. My hair is very short, like halfway down my finger on top and its like a 1 on the sides. Currently i use american crew pomade which after i apply doesn’t keep it down.

  23. I need to buy a set of electric hair clippers and am interested in one by Wahl but its called a taper hair clippers. Would this be the same as a standard pair for shaving hair to no 1 ie buzz cut?

    It may be a silly question but I just need to double check, I wouldnt want to waste £35 on something if it will be no use to me

    Thanks for your help

  24. I plan on getting my head shaved and I need to buy a pair of hair clippers. My hair is past my shoulders, straight, and I have thicker hair. Should I buy a good pair of clippers or would it be easier to go and get it shaved off at a barbershop? I plan on donating my ponytail to Locks of Love also

  25. So I want to buy a new pair of clippers since my ol ones broke but I’m looking to buy something more professional but what I want is a some clippers that will do both normal haircuts like fades and such but also will be able to line ups / edge ups and styling . So I need some styling clippers that will also do the normal job of clippers lol

  26. any suggustion to what clippers to buy for barber school..?
    any wahl & andis clippers and trimmers!!..?

  27. How do u tell the length of a hair clipper? When i go to the barbers, i always tell them to use a 3. What does that 3 stand for? How can i find that same length clipper on mine.

  28. Ladies have you ever had your hair cut with hairclippers before maybe having the back short or maybe just the neck hairs tidied up? was it cut in a salon or the barbers and did you like the feeling of hair clippers or did they scare you? Would love to know your answers

  29. I usually go to a barber for a haircut, and although I always tell him to ‘cut my hair to make it look thinner’, it doesn’t really work much.
    1) Is it because thinning out a hair with a scissors doesn’t help much?
    2) what’s a thinning scissors?
    3)Does layering one’s hair make it look thicker or thinner?

  30. Ahoy hoy.

    I do my own buzz-cuts, and I currently do so with my fathers old Wahl clipper. However, next year I am going to college and I’ll be needing my own so I can continue to be my own barber.

    Any recommendations for a good clipper that isn’t too expensive? (I’d say $100 tops, and that’s pushing it.)

  31. Im am sick of these $30 cheap clippers, I am looking for the type that barber use to clean sideburns, & back of the neck…

    – Quiet
    – Very close cut
    – Does not pull hair like the cheap ones

    from what I have seen the cutting blades usually flair out for more accurate cutting. I have been looking online but I cant tell the difference b/w the $30 and $150 dollar ones

    next to price is there another way to separate the cheap ones from the good ones?


  32. I went to clean out my clippers for the first time and when I put it back together they stopped cutting. It just won’t cut my hair and it worked fine last month when I used them. I put everything back together 3 times, it seems in place. Also makes a louder noise and vibrates much more. The blade moves, just doesn’t cut. They’re conair if that helps. Any tips on what I can do to get the clippers to cut again?

  33. I would like to buy a professional hair clipper, one that can create precision shaping e.g like the celebrities P Diddy. which one do you recommend?

  34. I am 20 years old, and I have been cutting my hair pretty short for a while, (no bedhead, no brushing, just easier!)

    And anyways, I usually go to the barber and just ask for a number 5 on top and a number 3 on the sides.

    All the clippers I’ve looked into only
    Cut the hair bald or cut it really there any clippers that let me cut my
    Hair to my preferred length?

  35. My hair, starting from the top of my back, goes down 3 or 4 inches when brushed straightly. What would be the best haircut for a guy like me?

  36. I’m an african american male who wanna know more baout hair clippers. I just got a haircut, and I asked my barber what size guard he used and he told me 3/8. I have waves, but I wanted it a bit shorter. What size guard is the next smallest to a 3/8? Actually, can someone tell me all the sizes to a hair clipper guard? Thanks.

  37. I usually give myself a fresh buzz everyweekend, but ive had to skip some because my clippers arent moving back in fourth and trimming as good, and it feels like it rips my hair out when it goes threw instead of cutting it and it doesent get much hair out? the problem is how the blades wont me left to right and it occasionaly will but i was wondering if theyre was a way to permanatly fix the blades to go back and fourth? dont just say clean the blades …i already tried it, looking for specifics please?

  38. My hair is getting shaggier by the day and I wanna style a buzz cut for a while without having to go and pay for it every month.

    Will any hair clippers do? And is there anything I should know before I begin?

  39. I need to get my cat trimmed but i can afford the 70 quid price so i am thinking of doing it at home myself can i use general hair clippers and whats the best tips on how to do it, the cat is a long haired birman
    Yeah but its so expensive as there is only oner person who can do it as there is no one else in the neighbourhood < if i take it to the vet do you think they can do it

  40. Is there any brand of electric hair clippers that cut hair right down, as in bald?

    I want to be bald but dont want to have a wet shave using Gillette. Is there an electric hair clipper that can give a good result?


  41. what are the best hair clippers made of,as in the blades?ceramic,carbon steel,titanium?for sharpness and closeness…some professional advice would be most welcome,thank you.

  42. I have been using Wahl Hair Clippers from past 1 year and I believe I am on the 6th one now. I have used 5 hair clippers in the past and none of them lasted more then 2 months ( I cut my hair once every week) so life of these seem to be 8 uses. The problem is, after i use them I rinse it with water from the sink faucet and immediately the hair clipper starts catching rust and gradually starts becoming weak. Can anybody give me some good advice on how to maintain these clippers…cleaning….etc so they last long. Thanks in advance.

  43. I plan on getting my head shaved and I need to buy a pair of hair clippers. My hair is past my shoulders, straight, and I have thicker hair. Should I buy a good pair of clippers or should I save my money and go get it shaved off? I plan on donating my ponytail to Locks of Love also

  44. i wanna do it myself but afraid that clippers dont work in the middle of process or that attachments dnt leave hair at all

  45. I just bough a con-air hair clipper set with a 5 level taper length adjustment lever so I give myself buzz cuts, my question is how long would hair be for each adjustment of the taper lever? I want to do a 1.5 but there is no guard for that, just for a number 1. So I need to know how short each cut from just adjusting the taper lever would be without a guard on it so I can figure out where to put it to do a 1.5

  46. Does anybody know which hair clippers are the best for a reasonable price? Any suggestions based on experience?

  47. My husband is a black man who shaves his head, I bought him some clippers so we could do this at home but they suck. Does anyone have any suggestions what kind to buy that work well. I would like to buy a good qualiity pair of clippers.
    retro, the clippers are needed to shave his head.
    frisko, yes his head is bald. but he goes to the barber every week and it would just make more sense for us to do it at home.

  48. My dogs hair is VERY fine. Cottonball like. Regular dog clippers don’t make the cut. (Pun intended) is there a specific clipper out there for cutting fine haired dogs?
    He’s a schanuzer, poodle mix, just so you know the kind of hair I’m dealing with.
    Not to be rude, but if I had $100+ to drop on a set of clippers I’d just take him to the groomers.

  49. I need to get my mare clipped for portraits, but can’t afford good horse clippers. I work at Marshalls and saw a pair of human hair clippers for 11 bucks. Should I try it? Or is it an automatic fail?

  50. ok can anyone tell me the next smallest size after a size 0 on my hair sides

    and a picture would do nicely please

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