Best Hair Clippers For Black Men

best hair clippers for black menThe Best Hair Clippers For Black Men

If you are looking for the best hair clippers for black men… you will find this article useful. has research the market and compiled a list of the best hair clippers for black men.

During the course of the article you will find reviews of some of the best hair clippers for black men, which has been compiled with the aim of alerting not only black men but professional barbers and anyone with coarse hair, …to the range of quality hair clippers on the market that can be used to help give a professional cut.

You may ask, why is there a need to write or for anyone to try and find the best hair clippers for black men when there are very many good quality clippers on the market?

The problem is some of the hair clippers on the market are not quite suitable for black hair and can result in unfortunate problems such as a broken hair clippers, an uneven hair cut, skin irritation, balding, loss of hair as well as a myriad of other problems.

It is a well known fact that black men and women have a different texture of hair than hair associated with other demographics. Black men and women’s hair tend to be more coarse.  It’s coarseness and tight curls although unique and beautiful, tend to require a stronger type of hair clippers, which has resulted in many black people being unable to find a suitable hair clipper that is good enough for their hair.

The best types of hair clippers for black hair are ones that not only have the powerful hair clipper motors with the torgue to cut through black hair but also have the speed to do so quickly.

Fortunately, many personal care companies have begun to mend this gap in the market by designing hair clippers that are suitable for black hair. An example is the Wahl 5 star series of hair clippers which have been specifically designed to meet the unique professional grooming needs of multi-cultural clients.

If you have a coarse hair or you are a professional barber that will be dealing with a large clientele with strong coarse hair, you might want to seriously consider choosing one of these clippers as not only do these hair clippers come with very powerful motors, they also tend to come with sharp clipper blades that you can not only use on people with coarse hair but also on people with a non-coarse hair.

Below are some of the best hair clippers for black men on the market, thus giving you a range of options to choose from. You will also find detailed reviews of some of the hair clippers in the hair clippers reviews section



The Best Hair Clippers For Black Men



1. Oster Classic 76 Professional Hair Clipper

oster classic 76 professional hair clipper

Topping the list of best hair clippers for black men is the Oster Classic 76.

Exceptional power, performance and durability make this hair clipper a necessary hair clipper for black hair.

The Oster Classic 76 professional clipper is a heavy-duty professional clipper that is built to last and can hold up in any professional hair clipper salon.

It is designed with a strong material that houses its clippers and it comes with a powerful universal motor that is suited for heavy duty cutting that can mow any type of hair, wet or dry.

It is unrivaled in its durability, design and flexibility, and guarantees you a professional cut every time. The only downside is that the noise is notable and its size is not an ideal for those who prefer smaller hair clippers.

It is designed with a strong material that houses its clippers.

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2. Andis FadeMaster Hair Clipper


andis fademaster hair clipper

The light weight FadeMaster is a heavy duty clipper, that makes it good for different textured hair and this makes it one of the best hair clippers for black men.

It comes with a quiet powerful magnetic motor and an adjustable control which manages the blades that will enable you switch to various sizes when cutting hair.

The adjustable control makes it easier for you to reach delicate areas around the head without difficulty and also enables you to carry out different fades and designs when working on the hair. This makes the Andis FadeMaster an excellent choice for different hairstyles and also a well deserved place on our list of hair clippers for black men.

The Andis FadeMaster although light in weight is still a little bit heavier than most home use hair clippers however on the plus side the weight signifies that this hair clipper is real quality stuff. Remember the Andis FadeMaster is targeted at the professional market and is built to be durable and to withstand long term use. If you buy this for home use. It will last for decades.

Click To Find Out More About Andis FadeMaster hair clipper



3. Wahl Chrome Pro

wahl chrome pro Wahl 79524-2501 Chrome Pro 24-Piece Haircut Kit

The Wahl chrome pro 24-piece complete haircut kit comes with a multi-cut hair clipper and also all the tools you need to make haircutting at home easier than ever.

Perfect for total body grooming, this haircut kit is used by a wide variety of people for their haircutting needs, including professional cyclists, swimmers, and other athletes to trim body hair

The Wahl chrome pro comes with plenty of accessories to include guide combs (Eleven in number), a styling comb and a blade guard to name a few. It’s also well priced and a perfect hair clipper for black hair if you don’t have a lot of money to spend

It is extremely to use, and is distinguished from other clippers by the fact that it can be used to groom hair on all parts of your body e.g eyebrows.

The downside though is that the no-guard setting on the Chrome Pro although short, cannot quite give you that balding effect if that is what you are looking for. The guards that come with the chrome pro are also plastic and with time start to lose their grip on the clippers.

The Wahl is also not the most quiet set of clippers either. It’s a bit louder than most Barber-shop, professional clippers. You can however fine tune it to get the noise down.

The important part though is that the Wahl chrome pro work. It cuts hair very well.

Click Here To Find Out More About The Wahl Chrome Pro 24-Piece Haircut Kit



4. Oster Professional Fast Feed

osterprofessional fast feed hair clipper

This Oster professional Fast Feed clipper comes with adjustable blades and a pivot motor that makes cutting through black hair a breeze.

The Oster Fast Feed Clipper comes with adjustments and has a compact style making it easy for stylists to use and hold throughout the day. Even though it is small, this model is extremely powerful and quickly clips through hair. The blade on this model can be changed to different sizes which allows you to cut a variety of lengths. This model is great for hard to manage hair and comes at a very low price making it one of the best hair clippers for black men..

In the box you also get 4 combs for short haircuts (½”, ¼”, ⅜” and ⅛”) and you can use the adjustable blade controlled by lever on the left side of the clipper to achieve sizes #000 to #1. You might therefore want to get an additional set of guards along with the clippers.

Oster professional clippers are worth the money because they have been proven to give good results time after time. The great thing about using these clippers is that they can be easily repaired and customized because all the parts and blades are easily available in the market. This means that one model will last you a very long time with minor repairs and adjustments.

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5. Wahl Professional 8685 Peanut Classic Clipper

wahl peanut hair clipper

Do not let the miniature size fool you, the wahl professional peanut classic hair clipper has a powerful motor and durable blades that require minimum maintenance.

The Wahl Peanut Clipper/Trimmer offers all the power and performance of a full size clipper in a convenient four ounce size. The clipper/trimmer combo is only four inches long, so it is great for use in small or hard to reach areas, and also great for travel or for small storage spaces.

The Wahl Peanut Clipper/Trimmer comes with four cutting guides in lengths of 1/8, ¼, 3/8 and ½ inches long. All of this is packaged in a cute and clever peanut-shaped design.

The durable blades are detachable and snap on and off for easy cleaning. With a reversible finger ring, the user is able to get better control and precision regardless of hand position. This is a great hair clipper for black men too

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6. Andis Easy Cut 20-Piece Haircutting Kit

andis easycut hairclipper

If you your looking for an inexpensive hair cutting kit for black hair, the Andis Easycut is the perfect buy. The Andis Easycut are designed for home use like cutting your own hair or kids’ hair.

The Andis Easycut hair clipper comes with numerous accessories for cutting hair to predetermined length. the kit includes: 8 attachment combs (1/16”, 1/8”, 3/8”, 5/8”, 7/8”, blending comb, and left/right ear), 4 safety combs, stainless steel sheers, tapered barber comb, styling barber comb, blade brush, protective blade guard, blade oil and a durable storage case.

The Andis Easycut Hair clipper has an adjustable powerful rotary motor that makes cutting through coarse hair easier . It’s powerful enough to cut through any type of hair, dry or wet. The clipper is powerful but compact enough to fit just about anywhere for storage or transport.

This is one of the best hair clippers for black men for a good reason; it provides a smooth and even cut.

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7. Remington Shortcut Clipper

Remington SCC-100 Short Cut Clipper

The Remington Shortcut hair clippers is a lightweight hair clipper and it comes with a cordless option and bi-directional blades that allow you to approach your hair cut from different angles. The unique ergonomic curved design with bi-directional titanium blades makes it efficiently clip your hair.

All you need to do with the Remington Shortcut hair clippers to cut your hair is brush all over your head in any direction and it will cut it to the length you pre-selected.

It comes with 5 adjustable hair length settings and a balding comb for extra-close cuts together with a Pop-up trimmer to clean-up neckline & the areas near the ear.
Complaints regarding the Remington Shortcut hair clippers are mostly about the shortlife of the battery especially after the time it takes to fully charge one up.

See What Current Users Say About The Remington Shortcut Hair Clipper



Whilst this list is not an end in all list for the best hair clippers for black men, the hope is that this list will be of benefit to those looking for hair clippers that can handle coarse type of hair especially for black men and women. This lists details the hair clippers with the best build quality, performance and features that will make cutting black hair easier and more polished.

If you know of a hair clipper that you feel should definitely be on the list of best hair clippers for black men, why not share your opinion below; We will investigate your recommended hair clipper and add it to the list if appropriate.



Best Hair Clippers For Black Men


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43 thoughts on “Best Hair Clippers For Black Men”

  1. I asked my dad and he told me one of those Gillete razors, the ones in the commercials with Tiger Woods, would make my skin bump up when I shaved. However whenever I shaved before I got the gillete razor my skin was just fine. The only different is that in the ceap razor there was one blade and in this one there’s three blades. I want to know if what my dad said is true, and he says it only happens to black men.
    yeah he said i need to use clippers, and he always USES THAT SMELLY STUFF thanks.

  2. My husband is a black man who shaves his head, I bought him some clippers so we could do this at home but they suck. Does anyone have any suggestions what kind to buy that work well. I would like to buy a good qualiity pair of clippers.
    retro, the clippers are needed to shave his head.
    frisko, yes his head is bald. but he goes to the barber every week and it would just make more sense for us to do it at home.

  3. Ok, my boyfriends b-day is tomorrow and I finally figured out what I could get him. Some new trimmers/clippers. So now i need to know, can I get the from palces like Target or Wal-Mart or Sallys? What is a good brand and do you have to spend $50.00 on a good pair?

    I am not sure if it matters, but he is a black man. And I am only mentioning that because our skin/products tend to be different because of races.
    I guess I need to know if there are any hair trimmers/clippers out the geared to black men and their skin?

  4. Aight so i just have a question for any brothas or anyone tht knows black hair tht could help me out. So im abt 15 and have had a fro and braids and all dat and right now im using abt the 1/4 or 1/8 clipper guard depending on the week. but now im at a pt where i think a real real low cut will look pretty fly. So i was wondering what is da difference between how for ex. Jamie Foxx’s hair is cut vs MJ. Obviously MJ is completely bald.. I dont want tht i want the length tht like jamie has. How would i get tht at home? would i use a clipper guard or not?? Thx. Peace.
    How to get this length..

  5. I want to buy my boyfriend a pair of electric hair clippers for his birthday. Can anyone recommend a particular brand or model?

  6. I’m an african american male who wanna know more baout hair clippers. I just got a haircut, and I asked my barber what size guard he used and he told me 3/8. I have waves, but I wanted it a bit shorter. What size guard is the next smallest to a 3/8? Actually, can someone tell me all the sizes to a hair clipper guard? Thanks.

  7. Black guys, how do I get rid of razor bumps? (help shaving plz)?
    How do I get rid of razor bumps? My chin looks like this, its not me though:

    (gross pic, not nasty but yea.. razor BUMPS..)

    anyway im black but how do i stop my skin from looking like that? I take hot showers before i shave and everything. How am i supposed to know what “direction” my hair is growing in?!

    Also is your skin supposed to stay dark like that (after the razor bumps clear) or is it just because we’re black thats how ours look?

    I use the gillette fusion razor and for cream i use one of the gillette ones or Noxzema. What am i doing wrong?

  8. Im 17 years okd and when i go to the barber shop to get my haicut and the barber shaves up my face with the clippers(not razors) its very smooth and nice but days afterwards my jawline and neck has bumps/ingrown hairs and i want it to stop…i just need some advice…plus i get bumps on my cheeks at times…i just want my skin to overall bw nice a smooth

  9. I was wondering about hair clippers and all those numbers with them. I went to the barber and he asked what number. I said 3, i know that from past experience because i know what hair style i like but is it possible for clippers with a number 3 guard on it to cut hair shorter? And my facial hair trimmer came with guards two and its the same deal with that. BEST ANSWER = 10 POINTS

  10. I hate having coarse hairs because it makes the PFB worse…
    PFB is pseudofolliculitis barbae, better known as razor burn. It’s a skin condition that affects people with coarse kinky hair because the hairs grow back into the skin

  11. I’m about to cut my black friend’s hair in a few hours, and I’m wondering if it’s more complicated than I think it is. It seems to me that most (certainly not all) black guys have the same haircut, so I figured, “I’ll just run the clippers over his head, and it’ll be fine.” Is it more complicated than I think? Is there anything I should know before doing this?

  12. i dont know what you call this but i think it comes from clippers i just need help to get this bumps off my neck

  13. I have these Adis clipper but they’re not that great at getting close. any suggestions on trimmer/clipper that get close and do a good job

  14. Hi,

    I’m moving to Hong Kong in a few days and I was wondering if anyone knows of a barbershop where they know how to cut black hair well–“well” being the operative word (where it’d similar to a haircut I can get in NY or Chicago)?

    If you have the name, and if possible, the address of a place that would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

  15. Okay well i wanted to try and see if i can save some money buy cutting my own hair. But im kinda nervous, im a black male and usually a black barber shop has 99% black customers. Same for white people. I thought at first it was like that because the type of clippers needed for a black man and a white man were different. I was going to buy the Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro 20 Piece Complete Haircutting Kit but i dont know if its short enough to cut my hair. Im not wanting designs or anything just keep my fade nice and low.”i dont mean bald” Please help me out. Thanks !!

  16. ok guys, i am tired of sweeping up my hair after shaving, cos I use the regular older clippers to cut my hair, so i gotta clean the restroom when i am done, then either use a vacuum to pick up the debris, or a brush and then put it in the trash.
    I don’t think using chemicals to cut ur hair is advisable, but there ought to be an easier way to dispose of ur unwanted hair. U can’t let it go down the drain cos you will block the drain.
    So people, what do you use?> what do you suggest

  17. It’s mostly popular black men like Eddie Murphy, Jaleel White and the rappers with the buzz cuts.

    It is natural or do that clip it into a line?

  18. Does anybody know which hair clippers are the best for a reasonable price? Any suggestions based on experience?

  19. I bought some Conair hair clippers and was trying to clip my cat’s fur, but it didn’t seem to be cutting well and took forever to do. Is there a difference between those and pet clippers? If so, does anyone have any recommendation as to which pet clippers would be the most efficient and inexpensive?

  20. I love cutting my own hair, it saves money and trips to the barber every week. I’ve been using a set of whale clippers from wal-mart I got for like 30 bucks. I like them but I noticed they don’t cut as smoothly and evenly as I need them to. They do more pulling of the hair then acutal cutting causing my hair to grow back funny. Any advice on what kind of clippers I should buy or any advice on something I could be doing better?

  21. My boyfriend wants me to start cutting his hair for him, because the barber is getting more expensive. When he goes, he usually gets a #4 on the sides, with scissors on top. I don’t mind doing it this way, but could I use the hair clipper on top too, that just cuts at a longer length? If so, which one should I use? I don’t want to use it and then cut it too short on accident. Thanks! 10 pts. to best answer

  22. I’m tired of shaving. I’m black and I’m using clippers and then I put bump patrol on after. Then the next morning I use Noxzema to clean my face. After that I put Nivea post shaving balm on to moisturize my face. What am I doing wrong? My hair grows fast in like 3 to 5 days.


  23. black men hair…

    my parents are cheap bastards and never take me to the barber until my hair is literally a 6 inch afro. Its really ugly and I always have to wait longer than all my friends. And there last arguement is that it was 15 dollars. But I found a 10 dollar barber who is really good. And its not some ghetto barber shop. My mother goes there for her eyebrows because the dudes cousin works there also. So it is half barber shop and half salon. They always argue for my dad to do it but i would rather have a blind person do it than my dad. He does not know how to do whatsoever. He just cuts. And anyone can do that. He can’t do a lineup or a taper or anything.

    I have my own pair of clippers and i am seriously taking this into consideration….

  24. Have any black men used the remington shortcut? I kind of want to get one because I’m tired of spending $20 every other week for a haircut. I usually get my hair cut about wave length or a short ceasar. Will the shortcut work for me. If not is there a tutorial or something I can find on how to cut my own hair. Any other good clippers? Andis, Wahl, Oster?

  25. I would like to buy a professional hair clipper, one that can create precision shaping e.g like the celebrities P Diddy. which one do you recommend?

  26. Ahoy hoy.

    I do my own buzz-cuts, and I currently do so with my fathers old Wahl clipper. However, next year I am going to college and I’ll be needing my own so I can continue to be my own barber.

    Any recommendations for a good clipper that isn’t too expensive? (I’d say $100 tops, and that’s pushing it.)

  27. On an electric hair shaver is it ok to use it without the black guard on your head? Or will it cut you
    I need to cut really short around my ears

  28. wht is the difference when you start at the forehead and go back than from starting at the back going to the forehead? does the hair on top look different or the same

  29. Is there any brand of electric hair clippers that cut hair right down, as in bald?

    I want to be bald but dont want to have a wet shave using Gillette. Is there an electric hair clipper that can give a good result?


  30. I have a thick head of hair that is hard to shave bald. I want it to be smooth, though. I’ve seen products that look like head hair remover, but they’re designed for black men (I am not). Will it be OK to use this and how smooth will it get me?

  31. I was just wondering if there are any tips on shaving for black men? I know alot of them get ingrown hairs and bumps and this can be frustrating.

  32. I just bough a con-air hair clipper set with a 5 level taper length adjustment lever so I give myself buzz cuts, my question is how long would hair be for each adjustment of the taper lever? I want to do a 1.5 but there is no guard for that, just for a number 1. So I need to know how short each cut from just adjusting the taper lever would be without a guard on it so I can figure out where to put it to do a 1.5

  33. My hair is getting shaggier by the day and I wanna style a buzz cut for a while without having to go and pay for it every month.

    Will any hair clippers do? And is there anything I should know before I begin?

  34. Ok so i got some new hair clippers and im a little confused. With the clip off, it has an adjustment knob on the side that moves one of the two blades. I understand that that can change it from a 0 to a .5. My question is which one is which? When i move it and the blades are almost the same height is that a 0 or .5? and then when i move it to where one blade is far down from the other which is that? thanks!

  35. I usually give myself a fresh buzz everyweekend, but ive had to skip some because my clippers arent moving back in fourth and trimming as good, and it feels like it rips my hair out when it goes threw instead of cutting it and it doesent get much hair out? the problem is how the blades wont me left to right and it occasionaly will but i was wondering if theyre was a way to permanatly fix the blades to go back and fourth? dont just say clean the blades …i already tried it, looking for specifics please?

  36. I just borrowed some hair clippers and I want to cut my hair using a number 3 (10mm). I can’t quite figure out how to get the clipper guard onto the actually trimmer. Any ideas?

  37. So my girlfriends dad cuts my hair and sometimes he can’t get around to it and I can’t find his branded clippers. I know wahl is pretty good but I don’t know what model to choose from. I want good clippers that will do the job well done. I don’t care what the price is. Please help

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