How to Choose the Best Hair Clippers

If you look at different types of haircuts, you will find that hair clippers are an essential tool for getting the hair cut right.

If you are thinking of buying a pair of hair clippers, it is important to choose the right sort of clippers that will get the task that you want done and that will give you a perfect finish.

Get it wrong and it could be disaster for the person whose hair you are cutting….. The person will have to live with the hair for a couple of weeks till the hair  grows back.


You will learn from this article

  • Why the hair style you want to cut has an effect on the hair clippers you choose
  • What sort of features should you be looking out for when buying hair clippers?

How to Choose the Best Hair Clippers


The Best Clippers To Buy


Finding the right style Of Hair Clippers To Buy

It is true that the basic design of many hair clippers have remained unchanged for years.

There are however some variations between different models.

Depending on what accessories and features are included, the price can vary greatly.

Before you decide on a model it is important to have a basic understanding of the types of styles you want to create with your hair clippers.

If you have a style, ask yourself how functional those hair clippers you have envisioned are going to be with your needs.

You need to get a set of hair clippers that can do what you want to be able to do.


Best Hair Clippers – What sort of features to look for


There are minor modifications for every type of hair clipper.

These are some accessories and basic features to remember when it comes to choosing the best hair clippers.


Cord or no cord:

One of the features to look out for and which you will need to make a decision on is whether to buy a cordless hair clipper or one with a cord.

Having a cordless hair clipper gives you flexibility and it is easy to maneuver around the head without any cord getting in the way…

The problem though is that you tend to trade up power for this.  Certain cheaper brands are less powerful when they are cordless.


The Grip!

One other feature you need to Look out for is the grip of the hair clipper.

You want a grip that is comfortable and easy to use.

If you plan to use your hair clippers often, you want the grip to be ergonomic as well or you might find them uncomfortable.

Some people like heavy clippers whereas others prefer light ones. This depends on your preference.


Safe, secure, and adjustable:

You want your blade levers to be adjustable.

This will enable you easily cut hair at different lengths.

If you are buying a hair clipper that comes with attachment combes….

do make sure that the hair clippers come with good quality combes attachments …

as some of the bargain basement hair clippers provide such weak support that the settings occasionally let go completely.

Save yourself the time and hassle and invest in a good set of clippers.



How to Choose the Best Hair Clippers


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27 thoughts on “How to Choose the Best Hair Clippers”

  1. my hair style is number 2 all over and i have a mobile hair dressers thats comes around my house every 4-6 weeks which is quite a long break really.

    Anyway i’m wanting to shave my own hair now to a number 2 as normal and i’m browsing the internet but theres so many at different prices. For some reason i go off the price the higher the price the better performance you get in my thoughts, i know this isn’t the right way to go about my purchase but if its a high price it must be a good product.

    I’ve been reading alot of positive comments on a brand called wahl, they seem to have different models at different prices, i’m getting a headache tho trying to choose one. Also been checking the phillips website but they don’t have many in stock.

    I just want one that gurantees an even cut all over (number 2) regardless of price.

    So i’m just wondering whats the best ones out there at the minute with both battery and electric powered if possible.


  2. Seriously though, how difficult is it to cut your own hair? Can’t be that hard… can it…?

    Comical experiences most welcome; photographic evidence, even more so…

  3. my hair is medium length now and im wondering if i should buzz it like always or maybe choose a new hair style. Im willing to change it up so if you could show me some photos of hairstyles of people with fine/thinner hair. Most male models have full thick hair so i dont know what to do.plz help me out

  4. As I grow increasingly thin on top, I find it worthwhile to cut my own hair to a number 1 length, what hair clippers are effective for such I length as I am looking to replace my very old Philips unit?

  5. I have a small pea size bump on my pubic area but further down. I do shave pretty regularly. Its kind of reddish but mostly normal skin color. Its not hard but more soft and squishy. I have had it for a couple months now and haven’t told anyone because i thought it would just go away but it hasn’t yet. I have pitched it a couple times and just a little bit white stuff comes out and then blood does. I also cut it with a finger nail clipper a couple times also but only blood comes out. It doesn’t itch or anything i just hate that its there. I am sexually active if that matters at all. I have read that it might be a ingrown hair, that’s why i cut it so i could get the hair but i couldn’t find it, so i don’t know what it is. Its just one small bump and no other ones. Please Help!!!!!! Thanks

  6. I usually use a razor blade to shave my head but 2 1/2 months ago i decided to shave my head with a pair of clippers for the 1st time and being the amateur that i am, i accidently nicked a few areas by my left ear & sideburns and was left with a few small bald patches here and there.

    A week later as the rest of my hair was growing back those small patches were still bald and i began to worry a little but decided to wait patiently for time to do it’s magic. So flash forward to 2 1/2 months later after i’ve shaved my head again (used a razor blade this time), i can see every hair follicle as clear as day and those bald patches are still there!

    What can i do to stimulate hair growth there aside from using rogaine? Would castor oil work? How about a toothbrush?

    Please keep in mind that i’m a young adult male with a very full head of hair. So no thinning hair, hair loss, or male pattern baldness to speak of just yet (:

  7. i had my hair cut and the guy did it very short i asked for a 2 on sides and a 3 on top he did 1 on sides 2 on top. i have to get my picture taken on 31st thats 12 and half days away will my hair grow more on the sides to maybe a 2 aswell as it growing more on top within them days?

  8. So my girlfriends dad cuts my hair and sometimes he can’t get around to it and I can’t find his branded clippers. I know wahl is pretty good but I don’t know what model to choose from. I want good clippers that will do the job well done. I don’t care what the price is. Please help

  9. I’m a guy trying to grow out my hair. In the past it always grows to look weird and like a mullet and I don’t want that. How should I let it grow so it doesn’t look like a mullet? Right now I have a faux hawk and want to grow it out to look like this:



    Also when it gets this long should I take these pictures to my hairdresser? Anyone know what this style is called? I like it cause it still looks boy-ish since it’s not so long at the back, just on top. Any help and tips are appreciated!
    I also forgot to add I have really straight kind of thick hair.

  10. My hair clippers (Breville) have clipper guards ranging from 1-4. I want to do a number 7 on the back and sides with finger trim on the top. I want to buy more clipper guards but I’m not sure if they will fit mine. Any help guys?

  11. I’m thinking about trying to cut my own hair, but this will be the first time I’ve ever done it, so I could use a few pointers. My hair right now is pretty long, about eye level in the front. Before I start with clippers, do I need to cut it shorter with scissors? Or does it even matter?

    Also, when I use the clippers, do I use the same guard for my whole head? A friend of mine who used to cut his own hair before he grew it out told me that you’re supposed to used shorter guards on the back and sides.

    Any other tips would be appreciated too. Thanks. I’ll choose best answer soon.

  12. I would like to purchase the Oster A5 turbo 2 spd clippers for myself and parents. The dogs that would be trimmed are American Eskimos (smaller size 20 lbs) Yorkies and a lhasa type dog. I was trying to figure out which blades to purchase with it and it is very confusing. I am hoping maybe someone has experience in this and can give me some guidance on it. Thanks

  13. I’m deciding between two clipper sets for home cutting. I just cut it short all the way around. The Wahl clipper set I have now I use the shortest one (1/8″). The cutter itself is all bent up and just isn’t working the way it used to and I’ve decided between two sets. or

    The Andis actually has an even shorter attachment than the Wahl at 1/16″ which would be awesome as well as being 10 dollars cheaper. I wouldn’t use the longer attachments, and if I ever really wanted to grow my hair and style it then I’d pay a professional to do it. But I’ve never heard of Andis and know Wahl to be pretty good.

    Unless you can recommend some clippers under 50$ that will suit my need for simple, short hair cutting… then I’d like some advice as to which I should choose.


  14. Hey everyone,

    So I am 20 years old and have noticed the past few years that my hair has been getting considerably thinner. Pretty sure I am thinning at the moment. Here are pictures of my crown and the back of my head:

    Granted, the pictures were taken with flash so my hair does not look as bad under normal light.

    Would like some advice on how to reverse my thinning hair, before I decide to go to the dermatologist if all else fails.

    I’ve also decided to start eating more healthy, exercising more, increasing my protein intake, and taking vitamin A, B, biotin, iron, and E supplements. Should these help restore my hair?

    Also heard it was a good idea to massage my scalp with olive oil or other natural oils. How often should I massage my head with oil?

    Most important question. Based on my pictures, should I try using Rogaine? What other things can I do to restore my hair?

    Thanks! I always choose a best answer.

  15. I need to get my cat trimmed but i can afford the 70 quid price so i am thinking of doing it at home myself can i use general hair clippers and whats the best tips on how to do it, the cat is a long haired birman
    Yeah but its so expensive as there is only oner person who can do it as there is no one else in the neighbourhood < if i take it to the vet do you think they can do it

  16. hi…i am a guy 28 yrs old…my hair started thinning about a year and a half ago….
    well it has bothered me for a while…but i just wanna break free of that….i dont wanna have to worry about it for the next 5 or 7 or god knows how many years…..
    i am ready to start going short…i have always had medium to long lengths and not too many different hairstyles through my life…so i see my self in a particular way….
    but i wanna accept what is happening and do it with grace and pride…i dont wanna take the fear route….hiding and coverups and combovers and rugs and surgery and pills that give you erectile dysfunction etc……i mean guys take meds for their hair…and to impress women…but then they cant even perform the task…..its a bit twisted…..
    i’ve been geting all wound up too…but i really wanna choose to accept it….
    i dont know if i will look decent being totally bald…but i dont need to do that…i have enough hair for a while to go with shorter hairstyles that are smart….so i have it shorter and shorter as i grow older…baldness will be so much more acceptable when it is gradual…the way i see myself will evolve too…
    now i have a few questions……
    i have fine black hair…i am keen on getting myself a pair of electric clippers and just maintaining my hair on my own……but i was wondering…do hairclippers achieve the desired effect on fine hair??
    i like that hair looks thicker when cut with clippers….does it have this effect on fine hair too…will fine hair spike up a bit and change into a thicker sort of texture or is it just gonna flop over the way it normally does ?
    this thinning issue seems be motivating me to join a gym finally…i avoided it for many years….but now i think it has become necessary…. cause i dont wanna look like an old uncle….so i wanna do what it takes to look smarter and feel more confident…..

    anyway thanks….
    thats cool..thanks guys for the help…

  17. It is time I purchase a new clippers and trimmers, please recommend any you all may have used. I do not really care if it is cordless or not since cordless, often has a low battery life. I just want a good clean cut for the price.

  18. i wanna do it myself but afraid that clippers dont work in the middle of process or that attachments dnt leave hair at all

  19. My husband is a black man who shaves his head, I bought him some clippers so we could do this at home but they suck. Does anyone have any suggestions what kind to buy that work well. I would like to buy a good qualiity pair of clippers.
    retro, the clippers are needed to shave his head.
    frisko, yes his head is bald. but he goes to the barber every week and it would just make more sense for us to do it at home.

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