Popular Conair Hair Clippers

popular conair hair clippers
Popular Conair hair clippers

Conair clippers are easy to use and are notable for providing accurate cuts and close shaves to all users.

Conair hair clippers are of utmost quality and design.

They are made to marry personal grooming with style, in an easy and flexible way that gives you a polished hair cut wherever you may be.

Not only are they affordable, their long lasting features means that you will be cutting your hair, your husband’s hair and your son’s hair and for years to come.

The wide range of Conair hair clippers means that you will find the most suitable clippers to meet your needs, while benefiting from additional features and at the same time learning more about your hair.

Though Conair provides unrivaled hair clippers time after time, their are a few conair hair clippers that do stand out as exceptional, based on their components and outstanding sales figures.

Below are some of the very popular Conair hair clippers to give you an idea of some of the products available for your personal grooming.


Popular Conair Hair Clippers


1. Conair 2-in-1 Custom Styler clipper/trimmer


Conair Hair ClipperThis 24 piece Hair Clipper kit comes with

  • 2 blades(one for cutting hair and the other for trimming hair),
  • 5 detent taper control for custom settings,
  • 3 combs specific to your jawline,
  • 5 position attachment combs that can be customized to meet your prefered style,
  • nine comb attachments,
  • a barber’s cape,
  • storage pouch and
  • five year warranty that guarantees an excellent product.


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2. Conair Combo Cut 20-piece hair cut kit


Conair Hair ClippersThis Conair hair clipper kit has Multi-purpose properties, with taper control for maximized style and durable stainless steel blades.

Moreover, this kit has an extremely powerful motor(which is also lightweight), and comes with

  • barber clippers(with a non-slip grip finish),
  • a barber’s comb,
  • styling comb,
  • 3 different styling clips,
  • 8 comb attachments(has guides for both ears) and
  • a Blade guard.


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3. Conair 18 piece hair cut kit(Custom Cut)


Conair hair clippersThis 18-piece Conair Hair Clipper kit has a blue insert molded into its metallic silver framework and comes with

  • 45mm clipper blade(stainless steel)
  • 5-position detent taper,
  • a blade guard,
  • 8 comb attachments,
  • 2 styling clips,
  • a barber’s cape and
  • two year warranty.


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4. Conair 21 piece hair cut kit with case(Custom Cut)


conair hair clippersThis custom Conair hair clipper family kit is designed for all hair lengths and styles and has an additional 50% of cutting power to the blade provided by a DC motor. It has

  • carbon steel blades sharpened by diamond ,
  • 5 detent taper control ,
  • nine attachment combs (for both ears)
  • a styling comb,
  • a barber’s comb,
  • 2 styling clips,
  • 50 precision height settings and
  • hard case,
  • all accompanied by a five year warranty.


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