Cleaning Your Hair Clippers



Cleaning Your Hair Clippers

This is a brief video on how to clean your hair clippers and products



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10 thoughts on “Cleaning Your Hair Clippers”

  1. I’m using second hand clippers for my husband’s hair and it’s constantly pulling his hair. Even though they,re second hand they don’t look old or cheap. I don’t know much about hair tools, but I’m hoping someone will have a suggestion of things I could try to keep them from pulling. I don’t really want to have to buy new ones. They also leave split ends sometimes too though not very often. Any ideas about that? Thanks!

  2. what are the best hair clippers made of,as in the blades?ceramic,carbon steel,titanium?for sharpness and closeness…some professional advice would be most welcome,thank you.

  3. I pay someone $15 per week, plus tip and travel for a hair cut. I have to economize like everyone else these days. I keep my hair short and it looks bad within 7-10 days, so fewer haircuts isn’t an option. I have an “Ivy League” cut presently.
    I’m considering these two clippers:
    both are a little better than the cheap magnetic motor drives and you can take the blade off for cleaning.
    Any experience with these? Which is built better? Which handles easier. I can handle the $25-26 for them. Should I be looking for something more professional for $50 ?
    Do I need a trimmer like this too?

  4. Like your pubic hair? i’m 14 and there is a lot, and it might get ’embarrassing”. should you trim it a little, if so how? it would be an awkward talk…

    also, do you trim your armpit hair?

  5. sorry this might sound really stupid. do i have to unscrew the screws on the back?? This is a fade master by the way.

  6. boyfriend gotta a burn thats like the size of a quarter.. kinda suspicious but just trynna make sure before i bust someone :p

  7. with regular oiling and cleaning, it should lasts a long time right? can it lasts forever? i dont want to keep changing blades because it is quite expensive. pls help Thanks!

  8. I’ve had a hair clipper for cutting my hair for about a year now. I’ve used it 6-7 times and never oiled it and it’s starting to cut worse and worse. Hair gets stuck between the blades and you have to be constantly cleaning it and the blades still cut poorly and seem really dull. I never even knew it had to be oiled until now. 😛

    Is it too late to oil it now or are the blades permanently dull and it’d be better to invest in a new one? Someone with experience please answer.

  9. So i have some dirty bearings and im supposed going skating tomorrow and i wanted to know if using “ANDIS” Clipper Lube/Oil could clean or damage my bearings. PLEASE HELP.

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