Cutting Hair With Clippers – Cutting Female Hair With Clippers

Learn how to Fade & Cut Woman’s Hair in minutes.

Cutting Hair With Clippers – Cutting Female Hair With Clippers


Cutting Hair With Clippers – Cutting Female Hair With Clippers



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12 thoughts on “Cutting Hair With Clippers – Cutting Female Hair With Clippers”

  1. i would like to have it cut to a #2 on top then faded down? i love the felling of the clippers. i would even like to try a bald fade one day or even totally bald.


    this is me, i have had my hair for about 4 years. lately i have been wanting for a dramatic change in my life. also lately online people have been mistaking me for a female. that gets me so mad, i want to cut my hair, but im scared. im not scared of clippers or anything i just scared of how i will look. im scared i will look bad or i will have a big head. what keeps running through my mind is that i wont look right and i will be ugly. im not concerned that others will percive me as ugly im worried i will see myself as ugly. what should i do? i want to cut it but at the same time i want to cut it. is this the change i am looking for? i need advice. i love my hair alot. i am not a concieted or stuck up person.. i am just wondering if i cut my hair and i dont like it what can i do. i need help

    how would i look with that hairstyle?

  3. A few days ago.. around the fourth when it was kinda hot it was a Sunday. I went and got clippers nd had to cut my hair myself. My scalp felt itchy burny. I looked up this condition. Said it could be dispohria. I’m a female. It has resolved sinse I cut it. I think it was the shampoo possibly paper mites idk.

  4. hey every one i need yer help. is there anyone out there that can please send me some photos, or websites for ideas for cornrow designs or any other ethnic hair styles that include braids? it can be for males or females….even males clipper cut designs? all ideas will be appreaciated.

  5. I am a natural African American female. My hair is naturally long and grows quite fast but because I have constant breakage from my hair being riddled with split ends it can’t grow out to its full potential. Right now it is shoulder length when flat ironed. I want to do a BC and want to start completely over. I’m talking a fade short. My split ends have gone all the way close to the roots and I tried a BC last year and cut literally half of my length off but these split ends keep coming back with a vengance. Also if I go to a salon and get it done could I supply them with the clippers to cut my hair instead of them using there’s?

  6. I have a pure white long hair Angora,she’s very large 7yr old.Her butt,goodness i don’t know how to explain it.Dry food all day wet food 1st meal in the am.I need to trim her whole female area butt and so on.I heard you must be extremely careful to NOT cut them they can bleed to death.I have the right clippers but i’m not a at any degree a groomer,0 knowledge.Thanks.

  7. with clippers and straight iron? I like my hair to be short and flat in the back. I lilke my hair to kind of look like Fantasia Barrino’s style or Halle Berry or even like Pink’s new haircut. Just short. Where can I find such a talented haircutter/hairstylist/
    specialist of women’s hair in Washington, DC or Montgomery County, MD?

  8. Sometimes i cannot be bothered with a trimmer and will cut my facial hair with scissors. A female friend told me i shouldn’t do that it does something bad follicle/roots? This can’t be true can it? I mean we cut the hair on our heads. Also why is that different to trimming and shaving???????? It makes no sense to me, what about you guys?

  9. I’m starting to thin a bit on the top, and there’s no way in hell I’m gonna walk around with
    the “egg-in-a-nest” look. (Ever notice when a guy farts in the movies, it’s usually a balding
    guy – that is, bald on top with hair on the sides? But you NEVER see a good-looking guy
    with a full head of hair break wind, in ANY film. Shows what society thinks of balding guys, eh? Jason Alexander and Danny Devito didn’t get to play romantic leads, heroes, or serious characters for very simple – and stark – reasons.) And I’m no billionaire, so I know I can’t get away with the Donald Trump comb-over either.
    I’m thinking of shaving my head and growing a well-trimmed goatee/stache. My barber
    (female) says I’ve got the head shape for it, and I’m otherwise a physically fit and fairly good
    looking guy.
    And for what it’s worth, I’ve never seen a guy with a well-shaved head used for a fart gag
    in the movies either (unless you count Dr. Evil, but that’s a whole other story.)
    SO – are there clippers that will give me that well-shaved head, or will I have to learn to
    use a razor without cutting myself? And do guys who do this actually wax their head (or
    is that just a joke?) Also I have a small, slightly raised scar on my scalp, any ideas on how to cover
    that up?

  10. Nothing fancy, but I want to keep the top 1 inch long. So this question is asking for the sides and the back. I am a male, no tapering or buzz cuts.

  11. I want to go into the Navy and become an Intelligence Officer. Even if I wont be the one with a gun in my hand, do I have to cut my hair?
    I’m a chick BTW.

  12. Since I was sweating back my hair too fast due to exercising, and did not want to cut my hair, I asked my stylist for suggestions. She suggested I get a texturizer and she would only have to take a little off the top due to the perm she had applied 30 days prior. I didn’t notice how much she was taking off because she used clippers, turned me away from the mirror, and she never let any of the clumps of hair fall where I could see them. I was in total shock when I saw that my head was almost bald. I don’t need a brush or comb just my hand to pat it down. I know I was in shock because I paid her! I cried all the way home and I called her to say how distraught I felt and had she told me how much she needed to take off I would have opted out! All she kept saying was “That’s too bad” as she snickered several times. She even stated she told the people in the shop that I was in shock when I left. She never apologized, offered a refund, growth treatments, or a wig. I am female & 56!

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