Cutting Hair With Clippers – Tutorial Video

Want to know how to use hair clippers to cut your hair. Find here a video guide to cutting your hair with clippers


Cutting Hair With Clippers – Tutorial Video



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7 thoughts on “Cutting Hair With Clippers – Tutorial Video”

  1. I am 16 years of age(almost 17) I’m a guy and i live in California
    i was wondering what i can do to get more experience at this age, since i can not go to Cosmetology school right now…
    Note: I don’t know how to cut or style hair, and i would at least like to get some of the basics down.
    i want to learn so bad!!
    my high school has no Cosmetology courses by the way…

    what jobs should i look for?
    what can i do to get some practice done?
    i was thinking i should try getting a job at Sally’s beauty supply, but i think you have to be 18 to work there.

    any recommendations?

  2. Hello, I am going to be trying to cut my son’s hair for the first time, he is 5 year old, not in kindergarten yet due to cut off dates, and I don’t have the money to go to a barber’s to get his hair cut so my mother got me some clippers for him and said cut it myself. I was watching videos and tutorials on how to and was wondering, is it possible to start with the longest set of clippers and the do a fade on the way down so I can shorten it gradually that way, or do you have to start at the bottom and work your way up, and what should I do if it does not come out right? Just cut it one size? I would like some helpful advice, so negativity is not wanted here, I am just wanting tips on cutting his hair that are helpful and to cut his hair somewhat acceptable.
    What size should I use for Shaving it down to? I don’t want it too short? A # to use would make me feel more confident if just using one size.

  3. I want to trim my dog’s hair(miniature poodle) but without a clipper and i saw in a video that they use a comb that cuts the hair should i use or does anyone recommend something different but cheap >$20
    his hair is around 6 inches
    it very course

  4. – i cut my friends hair before and it came out pretty nice but i still have problems removing the lines
    -can any body post a video tutorial or any tutorial on how to cut this style of hair?

  5. My girlfriend wants me to trim her hair. She has long hair. I have already trimmed parts before (bangs, etc.). She wants a straight line across cut or a U-shape. I have all the equipment scissors,clippers, hair clips, hair cape. Could somebody link me some videos or step by step guide to attain these different results. How do you achieve a U-shape. How do you achieve a straight line.

  6. Mini, to be exact. I don’t trust myself with a lot of crucial things if I can avoid it, simply because if I’ve never done it before I’m more than afraid I’ll mess up.
    I know some dogs being groomed wrong can be permanent effects such as dicolouration of the fur, etc.. so that’s why I ask.
    I’ve looked up different tutorials. When I get my dog, I plan on asking a groomer about it, and if I can sit and watch while they do their work.
    Since I can’t do any of that right now, I’d like to know if anyone is experienced in grooming a mini schnauzer with their traditional cut.

    Traditional schnauzer cut:
    How hard would you rate it to be (1 – 10)?
    How old is too early to groom? My pup will be 8 weeks when I get him.
    How often should I groom him?
    Any tips you would recommend?
    Or should I just stick with a groomer?

    Please try to answer all questions.
    Your help is appreciated, thanks!

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