Hair Clippers Vs Hair Trimmers – What Is The Difference?

Hair Clippers and hair trimmers are both devices that can be used to take the place of scissors when cutting hair.

The question often asked is…

“what is the main difference between hair clippers and hair trimmers?”


hair clippers and hair trimmers
Hair Clippers & Hair Trimmers – What Is The Difference?


The main difference between hair clippers and hair trimmers is that hair clippers are used for doing the bulk of a haircut, while hair trimmers are meant for cleaning up the edges, and doing other small work.

Most hair clippers and trimmers tend to have the same anatomical features as each other, despite being used for slightly different purposes.

You will learn from this article

  • What the subtle differences are between the hair clipper and the hair trimmer
  • What the main difference is between the hair clipper and the hair trimmer


The hair clipper is intended for heavy duty hair cutting, but does not cut extremely close, whereas the blade on a trimmer does cut close and is used to trim the back of the neck, around the ears, around sideburns, etc

Trimmers are typically also used for grooming facial hair such as beards and mustaches.

Both hair clippers and trimmers are also used to groom animals, and there is a similar distinction between the two in those contexts. Dog, horse, and other animal hair clippers are meant to cut the bulk of the fur or hair, while animal hair trimmers are used for smaller jobs.

The common design that both clippers and trimmers share involves a set of comb-like blades that slide across each other when activated. When hair passes between these moving blades, it is cut.

Both tools can be either manual or electric, though electric units are far more common.

Manually operated units feature handles that must be squeezed together in order to move the blades back and forth, and they are still used in some applications.

Similar units are also used to shear animals such as sheep, though electric clippers and trimmers are more commonly used with other animals like dogs and horses.

Whilst the terms hair clipper and hair trimmers are often used interchangeably… they do serve different uses and if you look closely enough you would start to spot the subtle differences

For instance



Hair Clippers Vs Hair Trimmers – The Body

The body of clippers and trimmers do often vary in size and shape. Whilst they tend to be designed to fit perfectly into the hand of the user, they do tend to come in different widths and lengths.

For example, some trimmers that are designed for the use of straightening and tidying up facial and body hair may be smaller in size.

This is to enable the user to perform smaller and subtler movements without causing any damage to the skin. On the other hand, larger clippers are available that suit a wider range of movements when the likes of head shaving is involved.


Hair Clippers Vs Hair Trimmers – The Blades

Blades on clippers and trimmers look the same, at least in their design however on closer inspection they are not the same.

Trimmer blades tend to be smaller to allow for smaller adjustments on facial hair, whereas clipper blades tend to be bigger in order to cover for a larger surface area.


Hair Clippers Vs Hair Trimmers –  Guide Combs

A lot of clippers tend to have Guide Combs unlike hair trimmers.

Guide combs are used as a means of ensuring that clippers only shave off a certain measurement of hair.

These guide combs come in a variety of measurements and are designed to be able to be easily attached and detached to allow for an easier means of styling hair.


Hair Clippers Vs Hair Trimmers –  Battery Packs –

The use of battery power is more common amongst those who use trimmers as they are better suited to portable use, as opposed to clippers that tend to be used less frequently and for less subtle adjustments and grooming.

Most trimmers that use battery packs use rechargeable batteries and may come with a separate charger in order to make sure that the trimmer has sufficient power for its next use.


Hair Clippers Vs Hair Trimmers –  The Main difference

The main differences between the hair clipper and the hair Trimmer devices are size and the intended use.

Hair clippers are large handheld devices that can be used to perform an entire haircut from start to finish. These “clipper cuts” have a wide range of different styles, and clippers can also be used to augment regular haircuts that use scissors.

Electric clippers are available in both professional and consumer grade models, and can come with a variety of options and accessories. Some clippers are also able to do detail work, and some models are designed to shave closely enough to achieve a bald look.

Hair trimmers are typically scaled town versions of clippers that are meant for specialty or detail work.

Clippers can be used to shave necks, do edge work, and clean up hairlines, but trimmers are specifically designed to do those jobs better and more efficiently.

These smaller devices are not typically designed to cut through thick, bulky hair, but they can shave very closely and accurately.

Some units are also meant for certain purposes, such as beard and mustache trimming. Other units use different blade configurations to trim ear and nose hair

To find out more about the difference between hair clippers and hair trimmers watch the clip below


Hair Clippers V Hair Trimmers – What’s The Difference





Hair Clippers V Hair Trimmers – What’s The Difference


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14 thoughts on “Hair Clippers Vs Hair Trimmers – What Is The Difference?”

  1. I tried to shave my schnauzer, he has thick hair and I used a braun hair trimmer but it’s useless. None of the fur came off. Those used by the pet groomers seems fast and one shave you can see most of the fur coming off. Is there a big difference in hair trimmer vs pet clipper? Whats the diff?

    Can Andis 2 speed have the effect of a pet groomer’s shaver? I mean to say when i use it, the fur comes off easily..

  2. Nothing fancy, but I want to keep the top 1 inch long. So this question is asking for the sides and the back. I am a male, no tapering or buzz cuts.

  3. I need to get my cat trimmed but i can afford the 70 quid price so i am thinking of doing it at home myself can i use general hair clippers and whats the best tips on how to do it, the cat is a long haired birman
    Yeah but its so expensive as there is only oner person who can do it as there is no one else in the neighbourhood < if i take it to the vet do you think they can do it

  4. My boyfriend wants me to start cutting his hair for him, because the barber is getting more expensive. When he goes, he usually gets a #4 on the sides, with scissors on top. I don’t mind doing it this way, but could I use the hair clipper on top too, that just cuts at a longer length? If so, which one should I use? I don’t want to use it and then cut it too short on accident. Thanks! 10 pts. to best answer

  5. I ask because i want to make my chin hairs thicker…im 17 and have a baby face and i want to look a little more mature not like im 14 years old. So will cutting the hair off my chin with clippers make it thicker? or will i have to shave it off?

  6. When I was in high school, I shaved my head one day before football, and now I still, 4 years later, have the nasty pimple like bumps on the bottom part of my head, towards my neck, and they kind of go back in forth between being dry and being pimples, every once and awhile I can pop them, but it just depends, but I want them to go away, I was thinkin maybe if i popped them and put some peroxide in them that would help kill the bacteria and they would go away, I know I will prollyhave some scars , but thats better then havin the bumps themselves, any suggestions?

  7. Hi out there. I have cut my hair a few times by my self. I like to keep it short. I have trouble making behind my neck look trim. Anyone have a good tip for reaching behind there? Thanks for your help!

  8. ive beeen thinking about it for a wile and decided this summer i want to get a buzzcut it hasnt been buzzed in 2.5 years im 18 now here are some general q’s id like some opinions on
    1. who should cut it? my dad has some clippers but he isnt all that great and he ridicules me about long hair now so its kinda annoying situation with him
    2. im gonna get a haircut this month (last one before june) my hair is 5 inches now how short should i go then?
    3. what number buzz should i get when do it? i have fine dark blonde hair that lightens up with a buzz
    4. what do ladies think of buzzes?
    5. how do i avoid ridicule /annoying comments of my relatives/friendsetc?
    6. i think ill want to keep its buzzed for a wile how often should i buzz it hereafter?

    thanks =) plus 10 to best answer!!!

  9. My question?
    Do you know what they call this type of scar/wart/growth?

    How do you get rid of it?

    Details: My black boyfriend friend went to a barber shop to get his hair cut and the barber cut him with the hair clipper. Now he has this scar that looks like a scab or a light colored wart. First time I saw it thought it was a scab that could simply be scratched off but it’s not that simple. He says that he has to wait 3 months before he can do anything about it.

    It’s not huge and spreading it’s the size of a really big pimple.

    Do you know what they call this type of scar/wart/growth?

    How do you get rid of it?

    any information is helpful as it’ll allow me to do more research to find answers.
    the scab doesn’t bleed or emit any fluids, it just sits there quietly on the side just above his right ear.

  10. I have an oster clipper and the first time i used it i could cut hair full use with no problems at all. The 2nd time it wouldn’t work on any of the settings, i had to unscrew the blade and adjust the tightening to a certain amount till it starts cutting. Problem is the screws get loose to easily then it doesn’t cut my hair again or its very uneven. If i tighten the screws too much it just pulls on the hair and it hurts. How can i get my clippers to cut hair again?

  11. I’ve never cut my hair but I’m considering it however I don’t want to screw it up. I want to get it cut as easily as possible without getting a straight up buzz cut, can I use the same guard length all around my head without it looking stupid or like a military buzz cut, I just want short hair again. Btw I have thick thick hair that doesn’t get as long as much as it get thick, my hair seems to just pile up on itself just in case that information is important. I’m also man.

  12. if i used a level three all around to cut my hair with the buzzers how can i taper the side burns and the back what size do i use?

  13. How do I cut hair but keep it longer than 1 inch with a 1 inch extension? Is hovering the clipper a bit above the hair safe? Would cutting it with scissors be easier?

  14. I am 20 years old, and I have been cutting my hair pretty short for a while, (no bedhead, no brushing, just easier!)

    And anyways, I usually go to the barber and just ask for a number 5 on top and a number 3 on the sides.

    All the clippers I’ve looked into only
    Cut the hair bald or cut it really there any clippers that let me cut my
    Hair to my preferred length?

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