Short Hair Styles With Hair Clipper – The Fadecut Style

One of the short hair styles that you can achieve with hair clippers is the Fadecut Style.

The Fade Cut short hair style is easy to achieve and easier to maintain.


What’s the Fadecut Short Hair Style?



cutting hair with clippers - Short Hair Styles - The Fadecut Style



The hair at the sides and back is cut close with clippers, and the hair “fades” to the top, which is usually kept short.

The Fadecut short hair style is tapered, tight and never seems to be out of style.


How To Achieve The Fadecut Short hair style with Clippers


  • You will need a pair of good hair Clippers to start off with – Moisten the hair you want to cut with water and comb through it. (Wahl Chrome Pro Used In This case)
  • Attach the number 2 guide comb and then begin around the ears, moving towards the back of the head, using an upward, rocking motion. 
  • Pull the skin taut while cutting to get a tighter taper around the ears,
  • Once you’ve taken care of the sides and back, put on the number 4 guide comb and focus on the top of the head, using a front-to-back, rocking motion as you move the clipper across the top of the head.
  • Detailing makes all the difference with the Fade. Use the rocking motion or inverted clipper technique.
  • And when it comes to the cowlick, make sure you cut in the opposite direction of the growth.
  • The Fade is a polished look but some still like to add styling product at the end to finish it off.


Take A look at the video below to help further illustrate how to achieve the fadecut short hair style with your hair clippers


Short Hair Styles With Hair Clipper – The Fadecut Style



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25 thoughts on “Short Hair Styles With Hair Clipper – The Fadecut Style”

  1. My boyfriend wants me to start cutting his hair for him, because the barber is getting more expensive. When he goes, he usually gets a #4 on the sides, with scissors on top. I don’t mind doing it this way, but could I use the hair clipper on top too, that just cuts at a longer length? If so, which one should I use? I don’t want to use it and then cut it too short on accident. Thanks! 10 pts. to best answer

  2. I’m not looking for anything too cheap cause I know that if I go with the cheap stuff they’ll probably not work to well or just break quick. I would like to find clippers thats actual barbers use.

  3. I just borrowed some hair clippers and I want to cut my hair using a number 3 (10mm). I can’t quite figure out how to get the clipper guard onto the actually trimmer. Any ideas?

  4. Hi out there. I have cut my hair a few times by my self. I like to keep it short. I have trouble making behind my neck look trim. Anyone have a good tip for reaching behind there? Thanks for your help!

  5. I’ve never really used clippers before and tend to like to keep my hair long, well the time has come to get it cut again and wanted to know:

    If I bought a good pair of clippers and ran the clippers over my entire head using the longest guide it came with, after I’m done, would it lay nice, or just look chopped?

  6. I want to cut my own hair to save money. I Have to have to have it short for ROTC. I’m thinking to just do a 4 all over, what do I do? Just run the guard 4 all over my hair a few times? What should I do to prepare it?

  7. im a guy and my haircut is very simple i just shave it up on a 3. but somehow i always end up with lines and unevenness in my hair it never comes out in perfect like the barber even though its so simple. is there a certain way or direction i should be shaving with the clippers? please somebody inform me maybe send me a video or something this funky hair is frustrating

  8. I ask because i want to make my chin hairs thicker…im 17 and have a baby face and i want to look a little more mature not like im 14 years old. So will cutting the hair off my chin with clippers make it thicker? or will i have to shave it off?

  9. im not going bald i usually cut at a 3 or 4 but with not guards is there anyway to cut it without going all the way down?
    thanks man but i said fukk it gave myself the skinhead cut

  10. We just bought an Andis Pro Clipper set that comes with a #10 Blade and four attachment combs. I understand the #10 blade is for shorter cuts, We want our dogs hair to be cut to about 3/4 to 1 inch long. I see there are other size blades. Is it possible to use a #10 blade with the combs and have the dogs hair cut to 3/4 – 1 inch long or will we have to buy another size blade? If we need another size blade what size shoul
    d we get Any help will be very much appreciated.
    Mared…So I can use the #10 blade with the clipper guides to get a 1 inch cut or do I have to buy a different blade?

  11. So I’m going to grow my hair out for 8th grade graduation at school. All the super pretty girls at my school have long hair and they are going to curl it. My hair is like a tiny bit past my shoulders so i can’t curl it or it’ll be really short. I normally dye my hair dark dark brown and I’m in the scene style but I’m gonna stop dying my hair and straightening it so much that it’s crazy. I need some hair styling tips, my hair is little bit past shoulder length, curly/wavy, thick, and frizzy. See I also have a shorter side bang so keep that in mind when you tell me how to style my hair. Thanks sorry that its this long. Oh and I already asked my mom if i could get extensions and she said no cuz they ruin you hair.

  12. I’ve never cut my hair but I’m considering it however I don’t want to screw it up. I want to get it cut as easily as possible without getting a straight up buzz cut, can I use the same guard length all around my head without it looking stupid or like a military buzz cut, I just want short hair again. Btw I have thick thick hair that doesn’t get as long as much as it get thick, my hair seems to just pile up on itself just in case that information is important. I’m also man.

  13. I am 20 years old, and I have been cutting my hair pretty short for a while, (no bedhead, no brushing, just easier!)

    And anyways, I usually go to the barber and just ask for a number 5 on top and a number 3 on the sides.

    All the clippers I’ve looked into only
    Cut the hair bald or cut it really there any clippers that let me cut my
    Hair to my preferred length?

  14. I need to get my cat trimmed but i can afford the 70 quid price so i am thinking of doing it at home myself can i use general hair clippers and whats the best tips on how to do it, the cat is a long haired birman
    Yeah but its so expensive as there is only oner person who can do it as there is no one else in the neighbourhood < if i take it to the vet do you think they can do it

  15. Is there any brand of electric hair clippers that cut hair right down, as in bald?

    I want to be bald but dont want to have a wet shave using Gillette. Is there an electric hair clipper that can give a good result?


  16. I usually go to the barber shop once a month to get the same haircut, #2 on sides #3 on top, and then shell out $15.00, I of course watch them cut my hair, and it looks easy to do, and I was just wondering since looks can be deceiving is it difficult to cut your won hair with clippers? And if not, what brand clipper should I buy? Also I was looking up some clippers and on descriptions it said there were multiple head attachments for the cutting, and I was wondering what does the #2 attachment and #3 attachment mean, I mean in how many inches; because I saw on some descriptions of other clippers where it was 1/8inches, 7/8 inches, etc.

  17. have been getting a crew cut style for at least 10 years now..and it is a 4 guard on top and 3 guard on the sides..and have been paying 20 notes nearly now to have someone do this in about 10 minutes..and cut around my ears with scissors..which i think they do an awful job sometimes..and make it look botched up around the ears..because they are so in a hurry.

    how expensive would it be to buy some electric clippers with a 4 and 3 guard and just cut it myself and how messy? also, how about cutting with scissors around the ears?

    why more dont do this? especially males? or females actually should cut their own hair too easily with scissors cant they? and it will look good?

  18. I was getting my haircut, and the barber said she thought that I should get a clipper cut. What IS a clipper cut?

    (I’m a guy)
    If all it is is cutting with clippers… why did she even say anything? *confused*

  19. I want to have all my hair cut off and was wondering how close clippers can cut. Do some types cut closer than others?
    I wear wigs a lot so I don’t really care how my own hair looks. I think shaving it all off would be wild and sexy.

  20. ive beeen thinking about it for a wile and decided this summer i want to get a buzzcut it hasnt been buzzed in 2.5 years im 18 now here are some general q’s id like some opinions on
    1. who should cut it? my dad has some clippers but he isnt all that great and he ridicules me about long hair now so its kinda annoying situation with him
    2. im gonna get a haircut this month (last one before june) my hair is 5 inches now how short should i go then?
    3. what number buzz should i get when do it? i have fine dark blonde hair that lightens up with a buzz
    4. what do ladies think of buzzes?
    5. how do i avoid ridicule /annoying comments of my relatives/friendsetc?
    6. i think ill want to keep its buzzed for a wile how often should i buzz it hereafter?

    thanks =) plus 10 to best answer!!!

  21. When I was in high school, I shaved my head one day before football, and now I still, 4 years later, have the nasty pimple like bumps on the bottom part of my head, towards my neck, and they kind of go back in forth between being dry and being pimples, every once and awhile I can pop them, but it just depends, but I want them to go away, I was thinkin maybe if i popped them and put some peroxide in them that would help kill the bacteria and they would go away, I know I will prollyhave some scars , but thats better then havin the bumps themselves, any suggestions?

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