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Andis Hair Clippers Are The Jack Of All Trades!!


Andis Hair Clippers

Andis Hair Clippers are quite popular and often referred to, as the “jack of all trades tool” by most professional barbers & hair stylists.

Not only does Andis produce hair clippers but they also produce hair trimmers, hair clipper blades hair dryers, curling irons and a whole range of other products that they supply to over 80 countries in the world.

If you are serious about picking up a good quality hair clipper either for your personal use, business use or for use on your pet… you should seroiusly consider picking up an Andis hair clipper…. It will last you for years to come and they have a good number of clippers for different cuts and situations


History Of Andis Clippers:

The Andis Brand dates back to 1922 when it first started producing high quality hair clipper blades for a hand operated non-motorized hair clipper that were very popular among professional barbers.

Andis later developed the Andis electric clipper which was well received by many barbers across America who found the Andis clippers small, fast, less noisy, easier to use and that they delivered a higher performance than other clippers available at the time.

This clipper was the first generation of today’s Master Clipper, which is still one of Andis’ most popular models.

Over the years the Adis company, based in Racine, Wisconsin, has grown and now produces a range of hair clippers for both humans and animals.


Reputation & Experience – Andis Clippers

Andis’s hair clippers are regarded as innovative and quality products are trusted by hair professionals, groomers and at-home users around the world.

With high quality, durable components and high precision blades Andis hair clippers are able to conquer any hair texture on your head, body or ears. 

Andis hair clippers are light weight, quiet and are usually equipped with heavy duty motors.  Andis also produces clippers designed for animal grooming.

If you are looking to buy hair clippers then it is worth taking a look at some of the Andis Clippers Reviews below.


Reliability & Warranty – Andis Clippers

Andis hair clippers are regarded as very reliable and many professionals and home users have often cited that they have used the clippers for years… some even lasting for decades.

The good news is that even if they break down because the Andis brand is well known and widely used… you can often find a repair shop to repair your hair clipper unlike if you buy an unknown brand. You can also ship your warrantied product to an Authorized Andis Service Station or directly to Andis

All Andis products usually come with a limited manufacturer’s warranty which gives you some protection against product defect. You can find the details on the “Use and Care” pamphlet which is enclosed with your product for warranty specifics.


Popular Andis hair Clippers

Andis is behind some of the best hair clippers in the world such as the Andis Master Hair Clipper and the Andis UltraEdge AGC 2-Speed Animal Clipper, which are quite popular with barbers, stylists, groomers, and consumers everywhere.


Customer Reviews – Andis Clippers

Convenience and versatility seems to be what separates Andis Professional Hair Clippers from the rest of the hair clippers on the market today according to reviews made by a lot of users. Andis manufacturers a big range of hair clippers to suit different hair styles, textures and environments. You can use Andis hair clippers for quick and simple touch ups and trims, on the go.

A lot of professionals hold Andis Clippers in high esteem and comment positively about the variety afforded by the different blades available for Andis hair clippers. Hair Salon Owners tend to like the Andis Clippers because of the variety of blades it has which enables the salon provide customers with the type of hair cut they want.

Andis Clippers use special carbon steel blades, which are very versatile when it comes to cutting coarse or thin hair. It doesn’t pinch the skin and glides over the hair smoothly. The clippers blades can also easily be sharpened at the nearest Authorised Andis Station – list is on the company website



andis clippers


Andis Clipper Reviews


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18 thoughts on “Andis Clippers”

  1. Sometimes I cut my hair very short with clippers in the lower back of my head, and it always gets red and some zits form in the area. Are these razor bumps or just pimples?

    I use an andis t-outliner clipper which cuts it almost bald.

  2. Okay, so I need to buy horse hair trimmers for my mare’s bridle path. Normally I see clippers that are $120+, so I found one that is only $25… it is Andis PM-1 Colorwaves Professional Pivot Motor Clipper, it is a good type? Will it break? Will it dull out easy?


  3. So many Andis Trimmer to chose from? I’m trying to buy my boyfriend a Nice Andis Trimmer, He likes that brand. He has very Course, and thick black hair, something that shaves smooth, and sharp. for line-ups or to shave all facial hair off! Thank You for your help =) Anything under $100.00

  4. I have three rescue dogs. I have groomed my two Jack Russell Terriers seasonally using my husbands head clippers. My only problem with that has been the noise distressing my smaller, anxious dog. We have since rescued a mini-goldenoodle. He is 40 pounds of curly hair and hubby’s clippers won’t go through it.
    At $50 or more per grooming, I figure that I can pay off my own pair in one groom. (That and hubby is on to my stealing his clippers and he’s not happy.)
    I found what seem to be a nice pair of cordless clippers by Wahl for $124. They come with a spare blade, spare battery and have good reviews. The blade adjusts, so I won’t need to buy multiple blades. (Unless I choose to get a course blade but isn’t that for horses?)
    Does anyone actually use this clipper? This is on the high end of what I can afford right now. I’d hate to waste good money on bad clippers. There are so many choices out there, I only need this for the three dogs, every couple months. This is not a daily groomer.

  5. I want to start grooming my Toy Poodle Baxter but I’m not sure what brand of clippers I should buy. I’ve been reading different book and watching videos but none really go into detail on what brand of clippers to buy. As a beginner I don’t know if it would be wise to buy a pair of expensive ones or cheaper ones. I see Wahl a lot at different stores but when I look at reviews they’re kind of mixed on how well they work. I was wondering if anyone could give me some kind of advise on the matter?

  6. Im looking to buy my first dog clipper for my toy poodle.. I found this one what you think?

    Super AGR+ Vet Pak – Complete Animal Clipper Kit For Veterinarians

    I want it cordless
    Detach blades so i can change
    not loud
    And does not heat up fast

    Does anyone have this clipper??

  7. I want to start grooming my Toy Poodle Baxter but I’m not sure what brand of clippers I should buy. I’ve been reading different book and watching videos but none really go into detail on what brand of clippers to buy. As a beginner I don’t know if it would be wise to buy a pair of expensive ones or cheaper ones. I see Wahl a lot at different stores but when I look at reviews they’re kind of mixed on how well they work. I was wondering if anyone could give me some kind of advise on the matter?

    **I posted this earlier but YA decided not to post it on the feed for a really long time

  8. I have two westies and would like to buy some good quality dog clippers. I have’nt groomed them before so if you have any grooming tips that would be helpful!!! Have looked at Andis clippers and reviews seem ok

  9. I have a teacup toy poodle who has an allergy related skin problem and needs to be clipped every months or so. I can’t afford to spend $45 dollars every month to get her clipped, so I decided to look at clipping her fur myself. My dog’s fur is utlra fine, she never lost her baby fur for whatever reason, even though she is 4 years old. I have looked at the reviews on many different clippers and saw very mixed reviews but with breeds other than toy poodles with fine hair, so my question is, do any of you clip your dog’s fur yourself, and what clippers would you recommend? Thanks =)

  10. I am trying to find a good set of electric clippers for my long coated GSD, I have read lots of reviews for Wahl and it would seem that the cheaper version £44 come out better than the more expensive ones has anyone else tried them on a long thick coated dog? any feedback would be appreciated.

  11. If I keep a poodle in a Continental clip, thats half the dog that stays pretty shaved down. Is a Bravura up to the task or do I need a more powerful clipper?
    Dont have clippers yet, trying to decide which to buy. Thanks.

  12. I have recently purchased a paid of Andis Improved Master clippers from the USA.

    I have turned them on and they make a loud clattering sound, I have turned the power screw all the way down and back up as far as it can go. All the way up, it still clatters, low down it does not send enough power to get the clipper blades moving. Cannot get rid of clattering sound when blades are moving.

    They require 110v and 60Hz. In the Uk where I am, the mains are 230v and 50Hz. I have a voltage converter that converts 230v down to 120v, but does not change the Hz. Surely it should work if the voltage is the same, or could it be that i need a transformer that converts voltage and Hz?

    What can I do to fix this?

  13. i want to try to groom my dog on my own.
    he’s a soft-coated wheaten terrier and while i’ve read clipper reviews until my eyes have crossed there hasn’t been any for his breed specifically that i’ve found.
    i’ll pay up to $150.
    brands i have been looking at are andis and oster, but i’ll take any suggestions.
    any links would be appreciated.

    thanks in advance!
    thanks for the quick answer nancy but i would really like a specific answer as in a model number or name.
    i’m really concerned with my dogs type of coat specifically.

  14. I’m trying to decide between the Oster A5 (2 speed) or the Oster Powermax…. Reviews I saw said the powermax runs cooler, but the A5 seems more durable…

    Any suggestions or other ideas?
    Im in grooming school right now, I’m not clipping too many dogs yet, but I’m hoping to be able to get more dogs in… I don’t want to have to buy a new set in a year when I get more dogs…

  15. I am looking at buying Oster Classic 76 clippers soon but I am curious if my plastic Wahl #1-8 guards will fit on it.

  16. This year, instead of paying someone else to clip my mare I have decided to do it myself. It will be my first time full body clipping, but I regularly clip her legs/socks, whiskers, etc with my friends smaller clippers that she lets me use. I need to buy my own, bigger pair to do her full body. She is a 17.2hh warmblood mare, very large and gets fairly fluffy. Once I have bought my own pair of clippers and done my mare, I will be body clipping other horses for friends (for free, but I’ll be doing a lot) so they need to be able to hold up to regular clipping and big body jobs. A few of my friends horses that have asked me to clip for them are VERY hairy!

    I have found two clippers that I really like the look of. The first is the Andis AGC Super 2 Speed Clipper, which has very good reviews for first time clippers but some people say it is too small for regular body jobs but okay for one every once in a while. I like the price tag very much, and it comes with face clippers.
    My second choice is the Oster Variable Speed Clipmaster, which seems to be super for clipping multiple horses. It has a heftier price tag, but reviews say it last forever, and this is really what I am looking for. It does say that it is very heavy though, so considering the height of my mare and my height (i’m 5’5), I’m not sure if I would find it a bit tricky. I would like it to be able to neatly and easily for my first time, and be able to use it for years to come.

    I would like to know if anyone has had experience with either of these clippers, and which one you’d recommend buying. If I do end up getting the Clipmaster, I will get a smaller pair for the face/legs and trickier areas.

    I will have a friend there helping/advising me whilst I’m clipping who usually does my horse and lots of other horses, but any other additional tips on full body clipping are welcome 🙂

    Thanks so much in advance!
    Thanks guys! 🙂 I will look at charging people eventually, and probably will to people I don’t know, but just for starting off I would like to not charge my friends just so I can get the experience. A few friends have offered to pay for blades, so I’m happy doing it that way until I have a bit more experience and am doing a better job with the clip 🙂

  17. I am looking to get good clippers for work (I am a dog groomer). I am considering the Wahl Switchblade clippers, and I was wondering if anyone has used them? Are they heavy? Do they work well? What do they mean specifically by ‘switchblade’? Can I still use any blades, or do I need special ones? Thank you!!!!!

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