Conair Clippers

Conair Hair Clippers

Conair hair clippers are famed for their durability, versatility- adjustable settings and cutting lengths, and most importantly their non-irritant qualities, making them the most desirable hair clipping products available.

Conair Corporation has been consistently manufacturing quality personal care products since its founding in 1959.

From the initial production of hair rollers and dryers, Conair has expanded to produce some of the highest quality hair clippers in the market today.

Conair hair clippers are made to marry personal grooming with style, in an easy and flexible way that gives you a polished hair cut wherever you may be. Not only are they affordable, their long lasting features means that you will be cutting your hair, your partner’s hair and your chrildren’s hair for years to come.

The wide range of Conair hair clippers means that you will find the most suitable clippers to meet your needs, while benefiting from additional features and at the same time learning more about your hair.

Conair Hair Clippers are grouped into 3 main categories: Standard, Premium and Professional. Each group is based on the skill of use with the Professional group being the highest.

A few of the Conair Hair Clippers in these categories include the 20-Piece Lithium Ion hair cut kit that can be found in the Standard group, the 12-Piece dual voltage Haircut kit that is in the premium group and the Chopper 24-Piece grooming system that can be located in the professional category.

These conair hair clippers mentioned above are just some of the hair clippers available, and you should purchase clippers that correspond to your skill level.

Though Conair hair clippers are categorized into groups, there are a number of benefits that are associated with all Conair hair clippers. These include top of the line stainless steel blades, lithium ion batteries that allow for longer operation times, quick charges(15 minutes in some cases), taper control that allows for custom settings, and a range of combs that comes with each hair clipper kit.

Furthermore, these lightweight clippers are easy to use and are notable for providing accurate cuts and close shaves to all users.

You should also consider the fact that many Conair hair clippers come with a cordless option that allows you to cut your hair wherever you may be, without the fuss of having to find a plug.


Best Selling Conair Hair Clippers

Though Conair provides unrivaled hair clippers time after time, their are a few Conair hair clippers that do stand out as exceptional, based on their components and outstanding sales figures.

Below are reviews of some of the best Conair hair clippers available on the market

So go out and buy your Conair hair clippers today.



Conair Hair Clippers Reviews


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23 thoughts on “Conair Clippers”

  1. Hi guys. I’m a beginner at cutting my own hair. I know that generally speaking, paying more will probably be better, but i’m on a budget. I’m not looking to spend more than $45 being that I am just a 1st time user. Anyway, i’m looking on the wal-mart and target websites for theses 3 brands, and they’re all kind of getting the same ratings. I’M CONFUSED!!!! Here are some examples:

    Pretty sure you get the idea by now lol. Will any of these do, or is there a “better” brand I should spend my money on? What about clipper AND trimmer combos?

  2. Which on works the best? I’m getting a new one this weekend, and I want one that works really well and isn’t expensive. I have medium hair that is curly and kind of thick. Whenever I use my straightener now, it just gets pretty curly later on. Which one do you prefer. I don’t want to spend over $55.00. Thank you so much and no rude comments please πŸ™‚

  3. Hey i am about to buy a new straightener and narrowed my search down to either the Revlon Perfect Heat 2-in-1 Ceramic Curler and Straightener or the Conair Split-Barrel 1.5″ Iron and Straightener
    I was wondering which company is better Revlon or Conair?
    hey thx for the suggestions but i am gonna get one of these two because i already have straight hair this is just for parties to give it that pin straight shine look.. so thx for the other brands but i am asking between conair and revlon

  4. Does anyone have a printable coupon for a conair styling tool?
    Do you know some good coupon sites. That are easy excess-able.

    follow me twitter please: HeyItsGLENDA143

  5. the one i was going to buy was: it has a cute design and claims to be ceramic. i was wondering if it really is ceramic; also i used one pretty much just like that at my cousins house and it worked SO good and kept my hair straight for a while and my hair is naturally curly and frizzy, i loved it πŸ™‚ but should i buy it? and if anyone here has one please tell me how it worked out for you, i would really appreciate it. i would use heat protectant spray every time for minimal damage. thanks for the help guyss!

  6. Where can I get a good hair clipper for about $40? If you have one that was cheap and works great let me know the brand and model name. Thank you.

  7. I ordered the conair air infinit steam straightener online almost a month ago and have not recieved it. Has this happened to anyone else? Who can I contact to get information about where it is. I already paid so I’m not going to just let this go. ..thanks.

  8. i acidently pulled out the row of detangling combs and cant get them back innn is there a place i can by a new attatchment or is there a way i can get it back in???
    that girl is right it broke i di’dnt rip it out its not supposed to even come out wtf

  9. I had just brought a Conair hair straightener from Walgreen which is the $19.99 one. I had never use it before & was wondering what is turbo & what is with all those numbers from 1-25..
    If I want to curly my hair or straighten it, what number do i turn into?

  10. I have the Conair Wet2Straight flat iron, and I love it. But if I leave it plugged in while it’s off, it beeps about every hour or so. What does this mean/is this normal/can (and how) can I make it stop?

  11. I saw a commercial a few days ago for a conair styling product. It was like..a flat iron/curling iron at the same time. I didnt catch the name of it..does anyone know what its called, and where i can get it?

  12. I’m looking for a new hair straightener. I want one that is between 35-55 dollars. My friend used her conair infiniti iron of my semi-straightened hair (I had already straightened it with my crappy straightener) and it made it pin-straight. That’s what i’m looking for. I have very curly hair, and it never straightens completely.

    I cannot afford a Chi straightener, and I can only buy one at Walmart, London Drugs, or Zellers.

    What would you suggest I get? A Conair infiniti, or something else? (remember, I am on a budget)
    And have you used these products? Please share your reviews with me.
    I do not mean the steam straightener.

  13. i want it but just want to make sure it’s worth it. does it make nice curls? how long do they last? and can you burn your self easily?

  14. Ok so, about 10 minutes ago i put my conair make-up mirror on my dressor (its about 4 feet off the ground.) It fell off of the dressor and on one side (the bulbs totally blew up.) On the other side, it was okay. So I shut the mirror off and then I tried to turn it back on and on both sides the bulbs blew up. I was looking online for replacement bulbs and I cannot find them. Can anyone suggest where to find 10 Watt bulbs blue and regular colored?

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