Review: Oster Classic 76 Professional Hair Clipper

If you’re searching for a one in all powerful hair clipper…. you can’t go wrong with the Oster Classic 76 Clipper Professional Hair Clipper. It is one of the most effective hair clippers in the market today.

This heavy-duty gadget is built to efficiently cater for your entire hair shaving and cutting needs.

Oster Classic 76 Clipper

Oster Classic 76 Hair Clipper

The Oster Classic 76 Hair Clipper is:
  • Powerful, heavy duty universal motor that can cut through thick, wet hair efficiently and quickly
  • Can easily achieve any style or hair length size with this hair clipper
  • Detachable Cryogen-x blade system allows quick and easy blade changing, thirteen blade sizes available
  • Ultra-durable Housing – Strong valox material makes the clipper housing virtually unbreakable
  • Includes size #1 and #000 detachable Croygen-x blades
  • Long & Flexible 9 ft Professional grade Cord
  • Can use continuously for long hours. Great for professional barbers
  • Made in USA


If you’re searching for one of the most effective hair clippers in the market today then you won’t go wrong in picking the Oster Classic 76 Clipper Professional Hair Clipper.

This heavy-duty gadget is built to cater for your entire hair shaving and cutting needs efficiently. It can cut wet, dry, curly, straight hair or whatever hair you throw at it.

The Oster Classic 76 professional clipper is sturdy, fast, very durable and comes with a fast blade changing mechanism. It can go on for hours without getting hot; It is the one definitely to beat and much favored by professional barbers.


Oster Classic 76 ClipperOster Classic 76 Clippers – Review

The Oster Classic 76 Clipper review below compiled by contains a comprehensive overview of some of the good and not so good points about the Oster Classic 76 Clipper together with a summary of the collection of reviews by current users of this particular type of hair clipper.


What Comes In The Pack?

  • 1 x Oster Classic 76 professional clipper
  • 2 x Detachable blades – sizes 000 and 1
  • 1 x Blade guard
  • 1 x Lubricating oil
  • 1 x Electric clipper grease
  • 1 x Cleaning brush
  • 9 ft power cord
Oster 76 classic hair clipper
Oster 76 classic comes with 2 Blades




Who/What Is This Hair Clipper For?

The bottom line is that the Oster Classic 76 clipper is built for professional barbers and stylist. Widely acclaimed by barbers and stylists, this famous clipper is the ultimate shop tool proven to stand up to continuous use.

If you have visited a barber shop in the past to get your hair cut, it is most likely that your hair would have been cut with the Oster Classic 76 hair clipper.

The oster 76 clipper is mainly for human hair; If you are looking for an animal clipper you can see the Oster TURBO A5 here

Many people now buy for themselves the Oster Classic 76 Clippers for the very same reason that the professionals choose to buy them too.

Why is the Oster Classic 76 Clipper very popular among professional barbers and why are increasing number of people buying the Oster Classic 76 for home use?… read on to find out why


Why The Oster Classic 76 Hair Clipper ?


oster 76 classic

It’s simply because the Oster 76 hair clipper

  • is built with a heavy duty internal motor which allows the clippers to cut through even the thickest of hair with ease.
  • has a body that is also made of a quality heavy duty material, which is made to last. You can even look to replace the motor brushes and swiftly if necessary.
  • Can cut through wet and heavy hair like a breeze; The hair types will not affect this clippers performance.
  • Can easily achieve any hair cut length or hair cut style with the numerous range of hair clipper blades that fit this clipper. It’s a one in all power house.
  • The high quality blades of the Classic 76 does not rip out hair or leave hair that it is unable to cut.
  • has the ability to be used over a long period of time without over heating which is common to a lot of the cheaper models of hair clippers.
  • Is easily maintained and if at all there is a heating problem if used over a long period, Oster Classic 76 Clippers offers a cooling lubricant that can bring the temperature of the blades back to an acceptable level.



Design Features

The Oster Brand has grown to be a symbol of quality and style in the hair industry with over 23 different types of clippers offered by the company and each serving its own unique purpose.

The Oster Classic 76 Clipper is their flag-ship model and for good reason too. Its classic design has virtually remained unchanged to this day.

Renowned for its lasting durability, powerful motor and heavy-duty performance, this single speed clipper is designed to cut through all hair types, all day long.


Motor Type

One of the key factors to consider when choosing a hair clipper to buy is the motor. It’s the motor that drives the cutting blade and as such one of the main factors that determines the performance of the hair clipper.

The Oster Classic 76 hair clipper comes with one of the most powerful motors on the market; It comes with a powerful, heavy-duty, 45watt, universal rotary motor, which directly powers the blades making it able to run at higher speeds than other clipper motors. Just tо illustrate the point, most of tһе nоn professional hair clippers out on sale оnlу usе a 15 watt motor compared to the 45W one that the Oster Classic 76 has.

The power of the motor gives it the ability to cut through thick and wet hair without pulling on your hair or slowing down, which is the very thing professionals like barbers and stylist love about it.

If you are a barber or aspiring barber…. this is one serious tool that you must have in your arsenal.

The downside to all this power, is that it makes the clipper heavier and noisier than similar models. It’s not a deal breaker for most, but a consideration if you’re looking for a small, quiet model.

Power Source

The Oster Classic 76 is a corded mains powered electrical hair clipper. The fact that it is mains powered means that it is able to deliver maximum power at all times with no drop in performance throughout the cut as it is permanently connected to the mains unlike cordless hair clippers where the hair clipper can lose power as the battery drains.

The downside is that you cannot use this device without an electrical power source. You also need to be close to an electrical socket to use it.

Cord Type Length

oster classic 76 cord
Oster 76 Classic comes with 9ft professional grade cord
The Oster Classic 76 Clipper unlike most hair clippers comes with a really thick, 9ft heavy-duty cord.

The length of the cord means that although you have to be close to an electrical socket…. you don’t have to be seated so close to the electrical socket and also you can easily maneuver your clipper when cutting hair.

The thickness of the cord also means that the cord is also properly insulated to ensure that it is not affected by any chemical spillages, hair oils and any other liquid spillages that are prevalent in professional hair cutting establishments.

The fact that the cord that comes with this clipper is sturdy does also help eliminate the problem of the cord becoming tangled together and twisted up that you normally associate with the basic hair clipper cords.


Blades – Types & Sizes

oster hair clipper blades

The range of blades available for a clipper, quality of blade and the replacement cost are key things to consider when choosing a hair clipper to buy.

The blades for the Oster 76 Classic come in 14 blade sizes (ranging from 1/2 to 1/125-inch) for various hair lengths and variations.

There are also various manufacturers on the market making blades for the Oster Classic 76 Clipper as not only is the Classic 76 regarded as the standard clipper to judge others by in the industry… It is a well recognized tool used by various barbers around the world.

Although the blades for the Oster 76 Classic also come in 14 sizes including a texturing and a flat top blade, the Oster Classic 76 hair clipper comes with 2 sizes of blades as standard. – Size #000 and #1.

These sizes (#000 and #1) are probably the two most often used sizes. Tһe #000 blade, wһіch wіӏӏ provide уоu witһ an аӏmоѕt bald (1 day stubble) cut which is about 0.5mm (1/50″). The size 1 is a standard size 1 and cuts to 2.4mm (3/32″).

The Oster 76 blades are not cheap at around $22-$25 each, but then again they are guaranteed to last you a very long time and are an excellent investment for your Oster clipper.

Some of the Oster Clipper Blades are also interchangeable with some of the other Oster Clippers such as the Oster Model 10 Clipper and Oster Model one Clipper.


The Oster Classic 76 does not come with an adjustable lever like some professional clippers but uses an interchangeable blade system, which basically means you can quickly and easily change the blade to a different size whenever you need it.

No need for a screwdriver or any type of tool that some clippers use. All you need to do when changing blades is simply tilt the head of the clipper and snap the new blade into place which takes only a few seconds. The sturdy mechanism of the clipper keeps the blades firmly secured.

Unlike many other hair clippers, you have 2 options with the Oster 76 Classic professional hair clipper when it comes to cutting your hair to different lengths or styles.

One option is to buy additional hair clipper comb guides that you can attach to your clipper to get different hair cut lengths. These guides snap securely into place and enable different lengths of cut.

The second option is to purchase additional blades but with different sizes. It really depends on how often you intend to vary the length of hair cuts (i.e. a frequent user such as a professional barber) and/or what your budget is.





Build Quality

oster classic 76 professional hair clipperThe Oster Classic 76 Clipper looks and feels like a professional hair clipper. It feels solid and the actual body of the clipper is constructed with a thick red casing that is made from a light weight, super strength plastic resin used in modern cars called valox resin which helps to keep weight down and provide greater impact protection, making this clipper virtually unbreakable.

Thе Oster 76076 doeѕ have ѕоmе weight tо іt (approx 2lbs). The clipper iѕ slightly heavier and larger tһаn mоst clippers on the market. It is built tо lаst and is designed for continuous usage.

It hаs а straight cylindrical design and fine textured ribbing alоng thе body which makes it easy to grip and hold whilst cutting hair for extended periods of time.

There iѕ a hook on tһе back end оf tһе Oster and tһe entry point оf the cable is reinforced wіtһ а sleeve so you can hang away when not using

Despite the power generated from the motor, and unlike similar competing brands, the clipper is well protected to ensure it never heats up enough to burn your hand or scalp during prolonged use. This is a really great feature, as many similar models do tend to get quite hot and can burn the skin if you’re not careful.



The Oster Classic 76 hair clipper is a workhorse for the experienced cutter who appreciates the clipper’s ability to operate endlessly and effortlessly.

It can cut through thick and wet hair without pulling on your hair or slowing down. At the same time, it does so quietly and without vibration. It is almost like having your own barber shop at home.

The fact that it comes with powerful motors means that you are able to save time by cutting your hair evenly and efficiently in only one or two pass as opposed to having to run the clipper several times through the hair you are cutting to get it to the desired length.

This set of clippers gives a very crisp, professional looking cut. Cheaper clippers require multiple passes over the same area to get a similar outcome and even then, it feels fairly uneven.

The Oster 76 Classic also uses detachable clippers,  which enables you to change blades easily and quickly thus enabling you to cut hair at a much faster rate.

One of the biggest appeal to professional barbers of the Oster 76 Classic is that you can easily achieve and hair cut lenght, size or hair style with the Classic 76.

You no doubt can begin to see why the Oster Classic 76 Clippers is such an effective tool for any barber to have. Owning the Oster Classic 76 for personal use at home is almost like having your own barber shop at home.

Ease of Use

The Oster Classic 76 Hair Clipper is also well designed and comfortable to use once you get used to holding this power tool.

The fact that it comes with detachable blades means it is fast and very easy to remove the blade and replace with another one when cutting hair.


See video below to see how fast it is to change blades on the Oster 76 Classic hair clippers




The Detachable blades give much flexibility for length of hair. You can also easily get many different blades and Oster clippers replacement parts that will work with the Classic 76.

The two included blades (Size 000 and Size 1) cut to 0.5mm and 2.4mm, respectively.

It’s very easy to operate and you can easily use this clippers to cut your own hair even if you have no one to cut it for you.

It is designed with ultra-durable, break-resistant housing.

Ease Of Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining the Oster 76 Classic is quite easy. The best way to keep blades from getting dull are to ensure the blades are cleaned, oiled, and stored properly. Dirt and grit from hair will cause blades to become dull quickly so always make sure the hair or fur being cut is clean.

To clean the blades all you do is simply brush out the hair out from between the teeth of the blade with the brush that was included with your clipper.. For better results you can use the Andis Cool Care plus or Oster® Blade Wash to clean it out.

Please note that even though these do contain oil, they are not sufficient for keeping your blade oiled. Blades should be oiled often during use.



Weight & Dimensions

This is a beast of a clipper, and it is slightly bigger and heavier than other models.

For those of you who like to know specific dimensions, the size of the Oster Classic 76 is 2 x 2 x 7.7 inches and weighs in at 1.6 pounds.

The weight of the clipper.. makes you feel this is no ordinary hair clipper and no doubt adds to the stability of the hair clipper when cutting hair


Additional Features

The cord that comes with the clipper is a heavy duty one, yet supple enough to bend. The on and off switch of the clipper is positioned on the back where it is less likely to be accidentally switched off.

Changing blades on hair clippers can often be a right, royal pain in the backside! There are some clippers where you need to use a fiddly and tiny screwdriver to remove a couple of holding screws and then have to spend ages re-aligning the blades.

Not so the Oster Classic 76 blades! Changing these blades is a piece of cake.



Additional Accessories

The Oster 76 Clssic does not come with any hair clipper comb guides. However there are a range of hair clipper guides on the market that have been specifically manufactured to fit the Oster Classic 76 Clippers and they work perfectly well.

If you only intend to cut your hair or someone else’s occasionally and you just need 1 or 2 additional hair length settings, you might want to consider buying the comb guides as they are less expensive than buying the Oster Clipper blades. 

Customer Reviews – What Others Are Saying?

The Oster 76076 іs а professional grade hair clipper tһаt іs endorsed and used bу legions оf barbers.

The average review on Amazon is currently 4.6 out of 5 stars from well over 89% of the 920 reviews on Amazon giving the Oster 76 Classic a positive customer reviews. This alone speaks volumes.

Here’s a few clippets of some comments I’ve read..

Tired of cheap clippers? – this is what you need
I did some research before purchasing this product. Professional grade and it was well worth the money I spent on it. Works great!
Best clippers money can buy
absolutely awesome, still works as great now as it was

(click here to read some of the user reviews too)


The Oster Classic 76 professional clipper is a heavy-duty professional clipper that is built to last. Exceptional power, performance and durability make this clipper a necessary tool for every professional…

With proper care, this thing will outlast that car in your driveway…no kidding. It can mow through the thickest, toughest hair effortlessly.

The Oster 76 Classic Clipper blades are interchangeable…meaning…if you invest in the metal blades in different sizes, your cuts will be much more polished, fades will look more immaculate. If you can’t do the metal blades, then there are plastic options. Keep in mind they won’t cut nearly as clean, but nice for beginners.

Some of the pros of the Oster 76 Classic are as follows

  • It has a strong, powerful motor (latest model now features a new cooler running motor) that can power through any hair type
  • It has durable, accurate and long-lasting blades.
  • There are 14 individual blade sizes available to enable you cut any style or size of hair.
  • Quick Blade changing mechanism
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to get any of the parts if at all you have a problem with the Classic 76.
  • Reputable Brand

Cons –

There are not a lot of complaints or cons about the Oster Classic 76 hair clipper. The only issues that tend to come up as are as follows:

The Oster 76 Classic is a very powerful hair clipper and might not be quite ideal for a typical home user that is inexperienced …. it’s like buying a Porsche car for a kid that has just passed his/her driving test.

This clipper can easily get away from you if you don’t know what you are doing… it’s that powerful and fast. You can however easily overcome this issue by investing some time to learn how to use it well.

The Oster 76 Classic is a little bit more expensive than the typical home user hair clipper kit, however this is a professional clipper that will last you for years to come and possibly make you loads of money over the coming years. no doubt it will last much more years than any of the cheap ones on the market.

The oster 76 Classic does not come with loads of accessories that are normally associated with home use clippers. However the good news is that there are numerous accessories specifically made for the Oster 76 Clipper available on the market and you can purchase exactly what you need for your own use which is rather better than this clipper being bundled with cheap accessories that are of no use in a professional setting.


 Price & Waranty

The Oster Classic 76 Professional Hair Clippers includes a 1 year warranty. It’s hardly likely that you will need it though, as Oster Clippers are known to be very durable. Whatever the case it is good that you at least have a warranty from a highly reputable company such as Osters (Read About Oster’s here).

You can buy this Oster hair clippers from Amazon. At the moment, you can get it delivered with free shipping and from what we can tell when comparing prices with other online merchants, you get the best deal here especially with the free shipping option.

Amazon ships to all over the world including the US and Canada. Click here to see best pricing from


Final Thoughts

This is a professional grade hair clipper that will last a lifetime. It is Reliable, built well and cuts all kinds of hair.

If you’re ready to step up from the cheap disposables most people try to get by with, the Oster Classic 76 is worth considering. All of the parts are serviceable and replaceable meaning it will be around for a long time.

That said… these are huge clippers – and whether you can adjust to that or not, the size is still less than ideal. There are other models, from Oster and others, in this same price range that might be more appropriate for the average person.

On the other hand if you are a professional barber…. this is one tool you must have in your arsenal!!



Click Here To Buy The Oster Classic 76 Clippers

oster classic 76 professional hair clipper

The Oster 76 Classic Clippers


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