Review: Oster Model 10 Hair Clipper

If you are looking for a very respected and durable hair clipper and one that is owned by most professional barbers in the industry then the Oster Model 10 Hair Clipper is one serious hair clipper to seriously consider having.

oster model 10 hair clipper

The Oster Model 10 Hair Clipper

  • Can cut through all hair types with ease
  • Compact housing and very easy to maneuver
  • Uses detachable blades
  • Durable – Has an Impact resistant housing
  • Extra large hanging bale
  • Can easily operate with one hand – Has an On/Off toggle switch
  • Extra long power cord that enables you to easily reach around chair
  • Used by a lot of professional barbers


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The oster model 10 has a compact design and is quite easy to hold and maneuver without it sacrificing maximum power. It comes with one off the toughest and most durable universal motors in the market. It can easily cut through all hair types.

If you are looking for a very respected and durable hair clipper and one that is owned by most professional barbers in the industry then the Oster Model 10 Hair Clipper is one serious hair clipper to seriously consider having.

The Oster 76010-010 Model 10 is a detachable Blade Hair Clipper and is a favorite among barbers everywhere.

The Oster brand itself stands for quality and performance. The oster model 10 has a compact design and is quite easy to hold and maneuver without it sacrificing maximum power. It comes with one off the toughest and most durable universal motors in the market. It can easily cut through all hair types.

The Oster 76010-010 Model 10 Detachable Blade Hair Clippers are a time-honored favorite among barbers everywhere is back and better than ever. Its tradition of quality, performance and American craftsmanship lives on in the sleek and compact redesign of this industry icon.

The original compact design is easy to hold and maneuver without sacrificing maximum power. Powerful universal motor is the toughest and most durable in the market. Easily cuts through all hair types using the classic 76 detachable blades

Click to find out what other users are saying about the Oster Model 10 Hair Clipper


oster model 10 hair clipper

Oster Model 10 Hair Clipper Review

The Oster Model 10 Hair Clipper review below compiled by contains a comprehensive overview of some of the good and not so good points about the Oster Model 10 Hair Clipper together with a summary of the collection of reviews by current users of this particular type of hair clipper.


Features At A Glance

It’s no secret that most of the time we all judge a lot of things simply by their configuration or appearances. We will not give a second thought to purchasing anything whose features does not attract us and instantly weave a bond over us.

This clipper’s features will not disappoint you in this regard. A small peek at it will leave you awed by the display of well assembled features.

oster model 10 clipper

The robust metallic blades mounted on the darkened body particularly stand out. You will not fail to notice the chrome faceplate with an on/off press-stud switch, as well as two oil holes on the side of the clipper. It’s also hard to miss the ultra long power cord attached to it at the bottom.

  • Powerful heavy duty universal motor cuts through all hair types with ease
  • Compact housing for easy maneuvering
  • Uses detachable blades
  • Impact resistant housing
  • Extra large hanging bale
  • On/Off toggle switch for easy one hand operation
  • Extra long 10 ft. power cord easily reaches around chair


What Comes In The Box

oster model 10 hair clipperPurchasing this clipper is a one-stop affair as all the necessary parts are inside the box, well other than the hair (pun intended).

Below is a video clip of the Oster NEW Model 10 clipper being unwrapped by the famous Clipperguy Ivan Zoot. Watch the video clip below to see what he is excited about

When you open the box containing your The Oster NEW Model 10 Hair Clipper, you should find the following:

  • Oster NEW Model 10
  • Detachable Blade size “000”
  • 2 x Blade Guards
  • Lubricating Oil
  • Clipper Grease
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Instructions

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Oster NEW Model 10 clipper open the box clipperguy
Clipperguy Ivan Zoot is excited to open the box for the first time on his new Oster Model 10 clipper. Join him for the fun and excitement.


What Is This Clipper Suitable For?

Another key thing that cannot be overlooked is knowing and understanding your hair type. Is your hair thick or thin? Is it light or heavy? The reason for understanding this is because different blades and motors work best with different hair types.

Luckily, the Oster Model 10 clipper is predominantly for heavy duty use. This is mostly accredited to its powerful motor as mentioned before. It cuts through hair with great effortless precision producing amazing fades and excellent close up shaves. It’s worshipped for its ability to cut though any hair type no matter how kinky, inclusive of pets too.



Design Features

This hair is clipper is clearly on a league of its own having transcended time. It was a 1950s invention that was recently revived owing to its unmatched powerful universal motor that happens to be the most enduring and toughest in the market. The importance of a good motor cannot be scaled down as it’s the main source of energy to the clipper. It has maintained its small compact configuration setting it apart from the rest. You will not fail to appreciate the effortless dexterity which this clipper employs when cutting through any hair type.

Owning the right kind of hair clipper is as important as owning the right car or house. It should not only match your hair cutting needs but also be worth its value.


  • Type Of Hair Clipper

In this quest of finding a hair clipper it is inevitable to spot out the different types on account of their brand or use. The brand of the clipper marries with the manufacturers’ reputation. The Oster brand is a legend of its time having professionally attained the name; Cadillac of hair clippers. I cannot stress enough the importance of using a trusted brand as you are assured of professional care.

As the name depicts, the Oster Model 10 clipper is a professional hair clipper predominantly adorned by high end barbers and other hair professionals who of course understand their stuff well. It is important to know the distinction between a personal and a professional clipper lest you spend so much money and time investing on an impeccable set of professional clippers for minimal individual use.


  • Hair Clipper Motor Type & Size

The same way a car runs on an engine and requires fuel to power it, a clipper runs on a motor and may use batteries or electricity to charge it. This particular clipper uses an electrical motor which saves you the headache of constantly recharging the batteries.

As earlier stated the Oster Model 10 Classic Professional clipper has a universal motor that is quite popular for its sturdiness. The motor is smaller than other hair clipper motors therefore its lightness makes it very efficient to handle and maneuver especially for barbers with smaller hands.


  • Hair Clipper Power & Cord

If I have not yet painted a clear picture of how an electrical run clipper and a battery dependent clipper look like let me clarify. The electrical clipper has a cord that allows it to be plugged into a socket whereas the clipper running on battery is cordless allowing for easier movements. However this corded hair clipper makes up for this by having an extra long cord of 10 ft that allows you to manipulate the hair as easily as any cordless hair clipper. You should also take into account that corded clippers have more power than cordless ones.


  • Hair Clipper Blades – Types & Sizes

Now to the juicy part, the blade is an integral feature of any clipper. You need to familiarize yourself with the blade quite well to understand if the clipper matches your needs. Is the blade metallic or ceramic?

In the case of this clipper, the blade is stainless steel it therefore tends overheat more than the ceramic ones but it is quite easy to maintain.

The hair clipper also has detachable hair clippers that can rotate whenever you wish. The blade composition makes the moving process quite facile. The detachable blade size is 000.


  • Hair Clipper Combs – Types & Sizes

In the case of comb clippers, one of the most important things is the teeth size and number. It is the teeth part that actually cut through the hair and the space in between the teeth will determine the how closely apart the hair will be cut. For an evenly spaced hair cut the more teeth the merrier.

The clipper combs sizes are in line with detachable blade size 000 and cut down with their exact stated length. One of the comb sizes that can be used by this clipper 1/16’’ size 0.


Build Quality

It goes without mentioning that the quality of construction is an important aspect to consider when you are buying a clipper.

The Oster Model 10 clipper is cased in a break resistant housing expertly compacted to feel light. This housing definitely elevates the quality of this clipper as it enables it to brave harsh conditions because the motor is sufficiently protected.



Performance is of course judged by the final product meaning how well will your hair cut turn out? It will be disheartening to ask for a close up hair cut and end up with just the opposite because the clipper is lacking in performance. I give you my word this is not the case with this clipper. It not only gives stellar performance but is also consistent with the performance over time. This can be attributed to an array of factors starting from the motor to the build quality.


Ease Of Use

The Oster Model 10 clipper has the original compact design and is easy to hold and maneuver without sacrificing maximum power.

It also comes with the Powerful universal motor which is the toughest and most durable in the market. The Oster Model 10 clipper can easily cuts through all hair types using the classic 76 detachable blades.

Whether you are a veteran or a novice in cutting hair, this clipper will serve you well owing to its ease of use. This encompasses how easy it is to handle and maintain the clipper after repeated use and on the first try.

This is one of the easiest clippers to use owing to its self sharpening abilities. One needs not to worry and fuss over whether if the blades will scrape off your scalp as it almost never happens with the Oster blade brands. Barbers especially those with smaller hands have rated it highly in accordance with its light feel.


Ease Of Maintenance

Proper maintenance and cleaning of your clipper will allow you to use it for longer periods and therefore saving you a great deal of money.

Clippers of the Oster brand are made to last for long periods without needing maintenance and the one on the Oster Model 10 clippers are no exception.

The clippers blades are self sharpening hence do not need constant attention. They are also made of stainless steel rather than ceramic making it particularly easy to maintain.

Whenever you decide to clean your clipper, the blades have to detached dusted with a clean cloth before reassembling. Thereafter you can lubricate the clipper by applying the clipper oil and running it for 10-15 seconds.


Weight & Dimensions

By now you have realized this clipper is smaller than the standard clippers flooded in the market making it unique from the rest. It needs to be stored in a cool place away from dust since its metallic blades heat up.


Additional Features

At this point you should be able to conceptualize all the major features of this in your mind. In addition to this the clipper has two oil holes where lubricating oil is applied on its sides, as well as an easy to press toggle switch that allows you to turn it on and off.


Additional Accessories

You can get various types of hair cuts using this hair clipper all you need to do is buy additional blades or combs for the clipper to transform it.

There are different size blades u can buy (e.g blade sizes 1, 1 1/2 ,2 ,31/2 ,3/34) .They are steel blades & they pull off just by holding the Clippers, & pushing back on the blade it will pop out so whatever size u need just pop it in. Its so easy to add and remove the blades

If your choice is to buy the plastic combs instead of the blades, you just simply put it on the standard blade that comes on the Clippers and you are ready to go… the clipper combs also come in various sizes.

  • Click here to check availability and prices of the clipper combs


Consumer Ratings

Consumers across the world highly recommend and rate this clipper to an average of 4.5 stars out of the possible 5. This is no shock having intricately explained all the glory that comes with using the Oster brand and more so the model 10 one.


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This Oster Clipper will cut through anything be it human or animal hair. The lengthy cord allows the barbers to easily manipulate hair whereas its marginally smaller size allows for easy handling. It would be wrong to deny the resistive and durable housing its well deserved dues.



A few have raised concerns with the amount of noise it makes however this is not standard for all. Since it utilizes stainless steel blades and not ceramic it tends to get overheated. In some instances it has been noted that it takes a bit of time before power ramps up after switching on the toggle switch.

There is no adjustable lever. Switching blades is the only option. Unless you purchase the guards separately

The model does not come with any detachable combs however  The detachable combs aren’t expensive so I’d try them first before you spend money on different blades. Click here to see the detachable combs


Price & Warranty

In most online markets it retails for about $180 which is a fair price considering its vast and long term use. A 1 year warranty is also offered.



There is an array of features one must consider before buying a clipper ranging from cost to build quality but without bias I can boldly state the features of this clipper is a work of art.


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