Review: Oster Professional Fast Feed Clipper (Model 76023)

If you are looking for a good price one in all professional hair clipper that you can use to achieve any hair style including fades and tapering hair without spending through the nose… you should take a look at the Oster Professional Fast Feed Clipper.

It is pretty fast, quiet, can cut wet or dry hair and can be used to achieve various hair cut styles including fading/tapering hair without need to change the blades. Although targeted at the beginner barber, you can buy for home use too.

image of Oster fast feed hair clipper
Oster Professional Fast Feed Hair Clipper
Oster Professional Fast Feed Hair Clipper

  • Powerful, Whisper Quiet Pivot Motor
  • Adjustable Steel Blade Clipper – No need for additional blades
  • Can Achieve Hair Cut lengths between 0.5mm and 2.4mm without changing blades
  • Great for creating fades and tapering hair
  • Cuts Through All Types of Hair (Wet or Dry)
  • Ergonomic Design For Easy Grip
  • Comes with Additional 4 Guide Combs
  • Fitted with 8 Ft Professional Power Cord
  • Great Value For The Price


The Oster brand is synomynous with good quality professional hair clippers; Barbers, salon owners and generations of barbers do trust the Oster Brand.

Oster hair clippers have been around since the 1920’s and it’s hair clippers have been targeted mainly at the professional market.

The Oster Professional Fast Feed Clipper is one of the main masterpiece models of the Oster brand.

Designed with a convenient, adjustable blade lever to change blade settings easily, the need to stop and change blades in the middle of a hair cutting session is eliminated.

The manufacturer claims the Oster Professional Fast Feed is versatile, built for long-lasting performance to provide years of use and can cut through wet or dry hair quickly.

The Oster Professional Fast Feed hair clipper is quite popular among professional barbers especially beginner barbers for creating fades/taper effects.

image of Oster professional fast feed hair clipper

Oster Professional Fast Feed Clipper Review

The Oster Professional Fast Feed Hair Clipper review below compiled by contains an overview of the good and not so good points about the Oster Professional Fast Feed Clipper together with a summary of the collection of reviews by current users of this particular type of hair clipper.

You will if you have been following our hair clippers reviews blog note that all our product reviews are quite detailed and cover all the important features and aspects of the product.

What Comes In The Box?

oster fast feed hair clipper

Things found in the box include:

  • 1 x Oster Fast Feed hair clipper with adjustable lever (which easily adjusts between size 000 to 1)
  • 4 x Guide combs (lengths = Blending (1/16), 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch)
  • 1 x Cleaning brush for clipper maintenance
  • 1 x lubricating Clipper Blade oil used during maintenance of the clipper.
  • 1 x plastic blade guard which can is for guarding the blade when not in use


Product Description

The Oster Professional Fast feed hair clippers (Model 76023) is one of the top selling and most popular hair clippers around especially among beginner barbers.

It is a corded electrical clipper and comes fitted with adjustable blades that enable you easily adjust the clipper to get a close cut, with or without using a guide comb attachment.

It comes in a range of colors but the original version comes in a classy burgundy color that leans on the darker side.

oster professional fast feed textured body
Textured body of the Oster professional hair clipper

Although nothing particularly stands out in its design, It appears to be solidly built for long-lasting performance to provide years of use. The underside of the clipper is also textured to enable easy handling.

Cutting hair with Oster Fast Feed
Oster Professional Fast Feed – Great for fades/tapers and easy to handle

Most clipper users have to bear with the enormous weight of clippers, which makes their hands feel heavy while trimming hair, but the Oster Fast Feed is very light and more comfortable to work with.

Their relatively shorter size when compared to other motor clippers makes them easy to fit in one’s hand.

Although the Oster Professional fast feed hair clipper is marketed as a professional hair clipper, it has over the years gained a following among the home user market too for its versatility.

Product Features

Below are some of the key features of the Oster Professional Fast Feed hair clipper.


Motor Type & Size

The Oster Professional Fast Feed comes fitted with a very powerful pivot motor, capable of cutting through both wet and dry hair at great speed.

Most clippers have 8 amp motors, which cut hair at a slower pace, but the Oster Professional Fast Feed has an upgraded 12 amp pivot which automatically makes it more powerful when being used.

The pivot motor is whisper-quiet motor and is twice as powerful as hair clippers that are fitted with a regular magnetic motor, giving it the capacity to cut precisely, and not heat up too quickly.

Although the fast feed can cut through wet and dry hair, the fast feed is not made for bulk cutting. It has a tendency to choke up if you use it on huge volumes of thick hair for longer times.


Cord Type & Length

The Oster Professional fast feed clipper is fitted with an 8ft heavy duty cord. The cord is round and thicker than the small thin ones that usually accompany home user hair clippers.

oster classic 76 cord
Oster Professional Fast Feed comes with 8ft professional grade cord

The thickness of the cord also means that the cord is also properly insulated to ensure that it is not affected by any chemical spillages, hair oils and any other liquid spillages that are prevalent in professional hair cutting establishments.

The fact that the cord that comes with this clipper is sturdy does also help eliminate the problem of the cord becoming tangled together and twisted up that you normally associate with the basic hair clipper cords.

It is also more flexible than the flimsy ones and it is attached to the clipper in a way that makes it much easier to give someone a haircut. However, the length of the cord might be uncomfortable when you are giving yourself a haircut.


Electrical Requirements

The Oster professional fast feed is mains operated, therefore you do not have to worry about re-charging the battery, or having the problem of a weak or dead battery or the clipper dying on you whilst using this clipper.

The Oster Professional Fast feed hair clipper is an American made product and operates at a voltage of 120 volts and a frequency of 60Hz only, which is the norm for electrical appliances in the USA.

Using the Oster fast feed in any country with a similar electrical power source to the USA ( 110/120v  60Hz ) is fine, however the device cannot be used in other countries that use a different electrical voltage or frequency without purchasing additional adapters to help regulated the electrical current.

If you are purchasing this hair clipper to be used outside of the USA in another country (For example in the United kingdom) you are most likely going to need a step down transformer which steps down from (220v to 110v) and also steps up the electrical frequency from 50Hz to 60Hz…. This is an extra expense to the cost of the hair clipper.

If you intend to use the hair clipper in the United States or in a country operating at 110v 60Hz…. you do not need any transformer or special adaptor to use the device.


Hair Cut Length & Combs

The Oster Professional Fast feed comes with adjustable blade, which makes it possible for you to change the length of hair cut very quickly to any shape or size you want between Size 000 (1/50th of an inch high (0.5mm)) to Size 1 (3/32 of an inch high (2.4mm))

Unlike hair clippers like the Oster 76 Classic where you have to stop in the middle of a cutting session to change blades…

You can easily achieve various hair cut lengths and styles (even create fades and tapers) with the Oster Fast feed just by moving the adjustable blade lever built into the side of the Oster fast feed.

Adjustable hair clipper blade sizes
Achieve various hair styles and shapes without the need to change blades

No need for additional blades or any device. You can pick up the Oster fast feed and cut any style you want quickly.

Not only do you you save on the enormous cost of having to buy different blade sizes, you also save on time as you do not have to stop to change blades in the middle of a hair cutting session.

Hair clipper guards can also be used with the Oster professional fast feed to enable you cut additional hair clipper sizes and styles.

Included in the pack are 3 guide combs and a blending comb to further enable you achieve additional hair cut lengths when attached to the hair clipper.

Hair Comb Guards
Hair Comb Guide Combs

The 3 guide combs that come in the pack will enable you easily achieve the following hair cut sizes

Size 2 – 1/4th of an inch (6mm)

Size 3 – 3/8th of an inch (10mm)

Size 4 – 1/2 of an inch (13mm)

It’s great that a few plastic comb guards are included with the Oster fast feed, however one of the biggest complaints about this hair clipper is the flimsiness of the comb guards that are included with the pack and the tendency for the guards to come off during a hair cutting session..

You can however fix this by purchasing the better fitting  Andis Magnetic Guards which are fully compatible with the model. Unlike the standard plastic guards which come with the Oster Fast feed, the magnetic guards attach to the blades of the clipper via a magnetic mechanism.

Magnetic hair cliper guards
The magnetic hair clipper combs are better fitting

Some of their benefits of the magnetic hair clipper combs include:

  • Tighter, more secure magnetic mechanism
  • Easier cuts due to the guards not moving around/slipping
  • Increased comb durability due to the more robust manufacture
  • Increased overall Fast Feed efficiency

Another point to note is that the Oster professional fast feed although adjustable cannot also be “zero-gap” and therefore cannot be used to achieve a full bald shave if that is what you are after.

To achieve a full bald shave with hair clippers you need special hair clippers for this or that have been specially adapted.


Blades Types & Sizes

image of oster fast feed stainless steel blades
Sharp stainless steel blades

The blades on the Oster fast feed are carbonised stainless steel blades. These blades are well spaced and very sharp, which makes them cut smoothly without pulling your hair.

You will need to keep them well oiled for them to continue operating smoothly. The blades can adjust from 1/50 inch to 3/32 inch.

Oster tends to put their clipper blades through very harsh cold conditions, cryogenically testing them. This means the stainless steel, carbonized blade becomes even sharper and lasts for a longer period of time.

The replacement cost of the blades are not too expensive if at all you need to change the blades on the clipper. (See replacement blades cost)


Ease of Use

The Oster Fast Feed electric hair clippers is simple to use. The design of the product is straightforward and it includes adjustable blades to easily get a close hair cut, with or without using guide comb attachments.

The Oster  fast feed clipper comes fitted with a high quality pivot motor that is fast and can be used consistently for a long period of time without overheating.

The underside of the clipper case is also textured making it much easier to hold the clipper for extended periods of time.

It’s thickness and shape makes it much easier to use, especially when you are using it to cut somebody else’s hair, whether in a shop or at home. It is also light weight (compared to some other professional hair clippers), making it more comfortable to work with

Cutting your own hair (DIY style) is also easy as the shape and design of the Oster fast feed gives you an idea of the exact direction of the blade so you can cut areas like the back of your head properly


oster professional fast feed textured body
Textured body of the Oster professional hair clipper


Noise Level

One of the biggest problems associated with a lot of hair clippers is the noise some of them make.

The Oster Professional fast feed is very quiet compared to a lot of the professional hair clippers on the market.

It also has a vibration free operation makes it ideal for semi-professional use as it can be used for long hours without any noticeable hand fatigue.



Dimensions & Storage

hanging the oster fast feed professional hair clipper
Hook makes it easy to hang the oster professional fast feed clipper

The Oster Professional Fast feed measures about 6 x 3 x 10.5 inches.  They are somewhat big but not huge and built to seat in the palm of your hand.

It weighs about 1 lb which is similar in weight to most home hair clippers ( about half the weight of the Osters Professional classic 76)… so it is pretty easy to manuever.

The Oster Professional Fast feed does not however come with any storage bag as it is aimed at barbers in a professional setting.

What it does have though is a hook at the base of the device which is to make it easy for hanging in the salon.



Cleaning & Maintenance

For you to maintain its durability, the clipper has to be kept in good working condition always. To avoid rusting to the blades, ensure to always keep it in a dry environment.

Its pivot motor and blades need regular maintenance. Because the blades are made close to each other, it is important for you to always clean and oil them. Those tiny bits of hair that can get in-between the blades and clog there, thereby damaging the blades

This clipper is easy to clean and maintain because the screws around the blades are easy to unscrew and also easy to assemble.

Maintenance is as simple as brushing off the blades and oiling them before and after each use. If you use it for professional use, you will need to periodically remove the blade and pop open the cases and clean out any hair that’s built up inside and under the blades then oil the blades and moving parts as necessary. This should be done fairly regularly.

For home use, just oil the blades every time you use it and maybe once a year clean it out. Watch the video clip below to see how easy it is to clean the Oster fast feed hair clipper



Additional Accessories

The plastic guide combs that are included with the Oster professional fast feed are quite flimsy. It is adviceable that you purchase the double Andis magnetic guards which are fully compatible with the model.

If you are purchasing any hair clipper in the USA to use outside of the USA in another country, you are most likely going to need a step up transformer to enable you use the clipper in the country you want to take it to.


User Ratings

The Oster Professional fast feed hair clippers enjoys a lot of positive reviews both from home users and professional barbers alike. At the time of writing this review, the clipper was vrated 4.3 out of 5 starts which is pretty high in terms of satisfaction rates for hair clippers.

Some of the comments by users are as follows:

I have been using this clippers for years. If you want a great clipper for blending the hair this is the best clipper I have used for almost 35 years ! I only use for blending however. I don’t use guards . I have only purchased 3 of these clippers in 35 years. Great product.
This is a very popular product having generated a total of about 1,400 reviews from people who bought the clipper from Amazon. Out of these reviews, they have a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.
It makes less noise and vibration: This makes it exceptionally good for home use, as you will not have to worry about causing disturbance
I have used the clipper for the first time and I must say that I’m impressed with how well it fades. It also buzz nice and close to your scalp that makes it much easier to have the high and tight haircut with less repetition. So my first haircut with this clipper was much faster than my previous ones because of trying to get the proper fade. If you want a good crew cut or military style haircut this is the clipper. I highly recommend it.see more user reviews here

There are some concerns raised by users too… The biggest criticisms was more to do with the flimsiness of the guards that come with the hair clippers and the tendency to choke up when used on huge volumes of hair over extended periods of use.

Value For Money

In terms of warranty, the Oster fast feed unlike most hair clippers only comes with only a one year warranty compared to many other hair clippers which come with between 2 – 5 years warranty.

However, the fact is, the Oster Professional Fast Feed clipper is one of the best medium-budget priced hair clippers on the market retailing at a fraction of what some similar professional hair clipper with the same function cost.

To say that the Oster Professional Fast Feed clipper is great for its price would be an understatement. It’s powerful pivot motor, sharp blades and cool operation are a winning combination.

Final Thoughts

The Oster Company has come up with some amazing hair cutting products in the past, and the Oster Professional Fast Feed hair clipper is one of them. It is powerful and can cut through hair easily with less noise and vibration. It is very convenient for home use due to its adjustable blade, which makes it easier for use.

If you are looking for basic electric hair clippers, the Oster Fast Feed provides power, flexibility and a few tools to make your hair cutting a simple process, I will strongly recommend this clipper, as it is exceptionally good hair clipper to buy. This is shown by the number of awesome feed backs on places such as Amazon.

This clipper provides enough power, making it possible to cut wet and facial hair; it also has blades that can be adjusted to cut through hair of different lengths, even without you using guide comb attachments.

If you are looking for a clipper you can use for your entire family, this should be your clipper of choice; it can be used by both men for trimming both hair and beards, and also by women. The Oster Fast Feed can be used for trimming the hair of kids without causing any much pain.

Below are a summary of what we liked about the Oster Professional Fast Feed hair clipper and some of the not so good things about the Oster Professional Fast Feed hair clipper

Pros - What We Like
  • Can cut through hair of different textures.
  • Quieter than most hair clippers.
  • Easy to use
  • Very effective in getting rid of facial hair.
  • Good for budget conscious
  • easy to maneuver and easy to maintain
Cons - What We Dont Like
  • The fast feed is not made for bulk cutting
  • Not good for shaving head
  • Plastic guards are too flimsy


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