Clipper Cutting Techniques for Black Men Vol. 2

Learn how to cut the most popular hair clipper cuts for black men, including Mini Afro, Perimeter/Temple Fade Cut, Tapered Cut, Bald Fade and Half Fade Cut


Clipper Cutting : Techniques For Black Men

Clipper Cutting : Techniques For Black Men

(Vol. 2)

Product Description

This DVD is the second part of a 2 series video and a good resource for self learning.

See volume 1 here

This DVD is basic but to the point and discusses points such as advanced clipper cutting techniques, advanced hair cutting and techniques, barber training, clipper techniques etc.

This is a great DVD for those that are in training, as a refresher for experienced stylists or even those that want to learn from home.

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19 thoughts on “Clipper Cutting Techniques for Black Men Vol. 2”

  1. I am wanting to buy a dog grooming set but don’tt know which one to choose. There is a Wahl clipper set at walmart for $45 and Andis clipper set at Atwood’ss for $80. I will be clipping poodles for the most part right now. Which one should I Buy?

  2. i have a pic of mello but i was wounding how to get exactly like it and i was wounding do u have any better pics mello to get my cut like his (i don’t want it blande cause i already bleached my hair so i could have pink in it so im planing to dye my hair balck again)

  3. I’ve been cutting hair for almost 2 yrs but been cutting mens hair since i’ve got out of school …I work at a men salon and i love it but I would love to cut and color women hair too… i don’t want to feel like this is the only thing i am great at….. Is there any advise you can give me so i can step out my box and be a hair stylist… IS there any dvds classes books …..( i looked into some classes from paul mitc. advance academy and its a 2 day classes i don’t know if 2 days is enough also what do have any suggestion on some good DVD that would help) well get back at me and Thanks to all

  4. Im doing cosmetology but they dont tech barbering so Im teaching myself…. are guards those pieces you attatch to the clippers to cut a taper or what are they?? Also if you know of any books,dvds,websites that have lessons on cutting fades and tapers would be GREAT!

  5. I am 15 and my bestfriend is 15 as well, we always do the same stuff everyday so need some new ideas of what to do?

  6. My Grandma has this thing where she likes to get all her shopping done early. Even though it’s not even Halloween yet, mom says that we need to send out our Christmas wish lists by tomorrow. I have /no/ idea what I want. She tells me that if I don’t send them out tomorrow, I’m getting nothing. I already know exactly what I’m getting everyone else, but I can’t think of anything. If you guys could help me out, I would be ever so grateful.

    Here are some notes, and things I love, to spark ideas:
    – I. Love. Disney. (especially Disney Princesses)
    – I love Broadway plays/Musicals
    – I have a pixie cut, so I can’t really ask for any hair stuff.
    – There aren’t any good musicals coming out in December-January, meaning I can’t ask for tickets to anything
    -Grandma does /not/ go online shopping…Im not even sure if she knows that the internet exists.
    – I have more perfume and body lotions than I can handle right now
    – I already have all the makeup I could possibly need
    – I would like to learn how to sew costumes and such
    – I don’t usually wear anything other than dresses, but my grandmother is terrible at picking out clothes (As much as I love her, she can’t pick out things for other people.)

    Please help me with my first-world problem…it’s so hard being in the middle class, am I right? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Bahaha! As helpful as that is, I think I’ll pass on the multiple boyfriends and sex. I’m sort of focused things other than trying to get laid. Because everyone knows that if you’re still a virgin at 15, you might as well be garbage, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ This is why people hate teenagers, you know! Haha, anyways, can anyone think of a general thing that most 15 year old girls like, besides getting high with all of their boyfriends? ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I live in the Uk so probably best to answer if your from the Uk but whatever, Wondering if anyone knows of any good dvds I can buy in the shops just now?

  8. My mom is pretty hip. She likes technology and gadgets, she likes cooking, reading, playing computer games, anything relaxing.

    I’m hitting a wall… I thought about getting her an E-Reader but I know she wouldn’t like the idea of having to buy the books to download when she can just grab them from the library for free. (we don’t have a tone of money)

    She has a laptop that she uses all the time. She already has enough body washes and lotions, her birthday was in October and I got her a really nice casserole dish that she wanted. She has an mp3 player

    I would love to get her something trendy/techy but I have no idea what

    I have taken her to the movies a number of times, bought her movies, put together AWESOME relaxation gift baskets, got her books and games… I feel like it’s all been done before

  9. sorry for the false title, it was to get your attention, but what should I bring on a 3 day train ride?? clothes, and things to do, activities, distractions, etc.!! thanks ahead of time

  10. Ever fight in a church?
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    Are you healthy or do you have medical problems?
    What was the last Youtube video you watched?
    Do you have any ridiculous fears?
    What is the most disgusting thing you have ever seen on the internet?
    What should you be doing right now?
    Do you regret doing anything over the last week?
    If you could have any type superpower what would it be?
    Who will be the next president of the United States?
    When did you last have a great kiss?
    What was the last thing you purchased?
    Ever see the 2 girls 1 cup video?
    Do you watch the olympics?
    What do you do to try and help the environment?
    What is your most favorite meal in the world?
    What is your favorite breed of dog?
    Is there a celebrity that you dont understand why they’re famous?
    Do you dislike any celebrities?
    In the last year have you learned or improved on any skills?
    Is there any accent that you find sexy?
    Do you prefer yellow or white gold?
    Do you know what your birth flower is?
    Would others say you are open minded?
    Do you honestly consider yourself a good friend?
    Are you looking forward to anything that is happening in the next 24 hours?
    Have you ever set up friends and they ended up together long term?
    If you could have any person in the room with you right now who would it be?
    What were you doing right before you started this?

  11. my Dad for his birthday?

    He will be 39 and I have no idea what to get him.

    For his birthday we are going to Moat Park for the day because he likes it there but it will be a surprise so he doesn’t know yet.

    The gift can’t be too expensive.

    I really need help.

    I thought you teens could help me =D

    Thanks =D

  12. Its kinda of depressing for me. I am so huge. When I was 17 I weighed 140 lbs at 5’6 i thought I looked ok just a little extra fat but i wasnt too worried about it. I got pregnant at late 17 and had her when i was 18.

    I have been pregnant 4 times. (had 2 miscarriages) And I am 30 weeks pregnant (almost) and weigh 212.

    I got with my husband when i was 7 months pregnant and so he hasnt seen me (at 140lbs) since high school when i first met him.

    I look awful. I cut my hair short for the 1st time about a yr ago and my hair was sooo long almost touched my butt. He loves long hair. I did it because I thought it would look good but makes me look wierd and even fatter. I wear it up alot because its straight and im not all that girly and i hate having to mess with it all day.

    I really wanna try really hard to lose weight after i have this baby.

    I have ALOT of stretch marks and I know it will never go away and probably will have alot of extra skin if i lose weight.

    I actually used to be pretty. I had new friends come over that didnt see me before i got pregnant and they asked who that girl was on the wall (it was me) they was amazed that I was once that pretty and that was only 3 yrs ago.

    My looks have changed so much that i am so disguised by myself.

    My husband always tells me that it doesnt bother him that i look this way before when i talked about being fat he would say well you just had a baby you are going to look like that for a while. But for awhile -maybe like 6 months not 3 yrs.

    ugh, i hate being so fat. I am getting my tubes tied and so i wont have to worry about getting pregnant and getting fat again. Thats not the only reason we can only afford 2 kids and i never did want a house full of kids anyhow. 2 is plenty for 1 person.

    I do wear bigger boy like shirts also because they are comfortable and like i said i am not girly. I wear girl pants and dress up when i go to the doctors but thats pretty much it.

    We live in the country so its not like i need to go fancy its not the city where you see people in dresses and high heels(which around here you never see)

    How do you girls feel about your weight and how you look ? If you arent pregnant and answering this then how did you lose all your weight? I know exercising will do the trick and eating right. Without having to buy special meals what is good food to eat to lose weight? And I dont like running so what other exercises is good. Sits up. Also i could never do pull ups and can only do push ups on my knees I am not all that strong and I am fat like over 200lbs fat sooo imagine me exercising and help me lose weight PLEASE !!!!!!!!

  13. For us, it has been to limit store visits and use our most gas efficient vehicle and to cut discretionary expenses such as subscriptions and services. Have you found any ways to substantially cut expenses?

  14. Hi me and my friend are both cosmetology students and were thinking of passing out flyers in our small community to offer doing makeovers on them to take pictures for our portfolios. I understand that in California you can’t charge them unless your licenced but what if they offer us tips, can we accept them. It will mostly be our neighbors .

  15. OK, I am 26, and when I was 10-13, my buddies and I would go up to the tree house and look at girlie magazines. In those days every playboy playmate had pubic hair. And to me, it just looked totally normal. I didn’t find it gross or off-putting at all. In fact, I found it sexy.

    Since then, porno producers started getting the actress to shave everything so they could show dirty old men an unobstructed view of her getting penetrated. And just with VHS tape machines and DVDs, where porno goes, the culture follows.

    And so with the internet and rampant porno distribution, boys saw it and decided that’s what a woman should look like. In fact, today girls think pubic hair on a woman is just nasty like a bushy armpit. But to me, when it’s totally bare, it just looks like something’s missing. Not near as sexy. And in a weird way, looked prepubescent; which made me worry about the men who liked that sort of thing.

    So where does it go wrong? It comes in prickly and rough, then gets soft. But eventually it starts to curl and kink up and look like steel wool. And girls and a lot of guys think it’s nasty looking. Well if you feel that way, why shave or wax? Why not just trim it back with scissors back to where it’s soft and fluffy and inviting? To me, that totally looks and feels nice.

    Personally, I have shaved my man parts down there and I found it extremely uncomfortable when it started growing back. And I’ve heard how painful waxing is. I would NEVER want a lady to feel like she needed to do that for me.

  16. I already got him 2 tickets to a Flyers game which will be his main present, but I feel like I should get him something else too. What should I get? He already has a bunch of Flyers merchandise so I don’t want to get anything like that. Whatever else I get him doesn’t have to deal with hockey. He’s also 19 btw.

  17. im 14 years old and quite mature, i don’t know what i would like for christmas, i have got everybody else’s gifts sorted but not mine, i am into make up and clothes and stuff, i have a laptop, an ipod, phone and stuff but its more smaller things i have got GHD hair Straighteners on my list but cant find any SMALLER things to add, preferably under ยฃ15-ยฃ20 please have a good christmas! thanks x

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