Cutting Hair – The Vidal Sassoon Way

step-by-step guide to help you understand how the main basic & advanced haircuts are achieved. Learn to improve your technique and perform the perfect cut.


Cutting Hair – The Vidal Sassoon Way (Revised Edition)

cutting the hair - vidal sassoon way book

Cutting Hair – The Vidal Sassoon Way ( Revised Edition )

This is a must have for hairdressers who are looking to perfect their precision hair cuts.

Very informative. Although it is older styles it brings you back to the fundamentals of haircutting. If you are serious about cutting hair; get this book!

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2 thoughts on “Cutting Hair – The Vidal Sassoon Way”

  1. Hi
    I have whole head highlights that are really light, at the moment my roots are starting to show when you look close, I had it done about 6 weeks ago, it looks good from a distance because was originally too light but now has darkened as my natural hair has come through a bit.
    My friend cuts my hair but I get the highlights at a salon.

    I really need a hair cut but am worried that the outgrown roots will be really obvious if i cut it and can’t book the salon to have the roots re-done till after christmas.

    Would they be much more noticeable?
    Also, i’m new to highlights but would they be able to redo some of the roots so my hair still looks a little darker but doesn’t go really light again?

    Thankyou in advance
    kira castle – i mean’t at the moment they’re not showing too bad but i’m worried they’ll be really obvious if i get it cut shorter as my hair is less than chin length

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