How To Cut Your Family’s Hair

This book is full of photographs of how to cut different styles – Great beginner’s guide to learning the basics of cutting your family’s hair.


How To Cut Your Family’s Hair

cutting your familys hair

How To Cut Your Family’s Hair

There’s something for all ages and tastes, as well as for short and long, curly and straight hair. This book covers hair styles for men, women and children.

Most of the styles are simple enough for beginners but there are also more advanced techniques included such as layering and blending. Also, the styles are not trendy at all.

You won’t find the Rachel cut, or the Farah Fawcett shag. Instead these hairstyles are classic and should endure for years and years to come.


Also included in this book:

* How to do bangs, blunt and curved.
* How to do a blunt cut for short, medium or long hair
* How to do layered cuts for short, medium and long hair
* Children’s haircuts for boys and girls
* Four classic men’s hair cuts
* Hair preparation, cutting angles and how to establish guides


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5 thoughts on “How To Cut Your Family’s Hair”

  1. I recently got my first ever relaxer a week ago and i want to bleach hair in a few weeks to a month from now so i can put some teal and hot pink in my bangs and botton layer of my choppy layered hair….my hair is doing very well, its not damaged or anything, a few split ends is all on my bottom layers cause they were already split before i got my hair relaxed, an ive been cutting them off when i have the time…also my hair had bleach in it from a year ago when i relaxed it and that wasn’t damaged either. so if i use a lot of protein and moisture on my hair should i bleach it?…i feel bland without any color….im black btw….my hair is mixed though due to my family’s racial background (chinese and spanish) I know it wont be healthy, but i dont want it to fall out either….sorry if this is al over the place. THANKS! 🙂

  2. My family’s trying to make me cut my hair. I have an emoish hair style. It looks like that -> <-
    but mines a tad shorter in the back and its completely straightened. they say they hate it and that they want me to look like a person and a whole bunch of other stuff. Even my sister is telling me to do it and shes the only person i can trust. What can i do to make them stop?!
    P.s. Im gay and i came out a while a go, if that has anything to do with it
    Please HELP! they are so ANNOYING!!

  3. I ‘m gong to get a hair cut soon and I would like some help choosing a style. I have side-swept bangs and naturally curly hair. I would like to stop straightening my hair. Do you have any ideas of what I could try? Any products you know of to keep my hair frizz-free and to bring out my curls? Pictures would also be great! Thanks in advance.

    Here are some pics of me:

    (most recent)

    maybe two months?:
    about four months ago:


  4. I am not licensed and no I have not gone to school for it however I have been into hair since I was a little boy. I have a lot of experience with color and styling and cutting. I color all my friends hair and my family’s. I use salon products from Sally’s as well. Everyone always loves how their hair comes out hut i ‘m ready to start charging because it had become very time consuming! How do I start charging people/friends who I’ve done for free? Can someone give me reasonable prices? Cut color highlights style etc. If you read this thank you so much

  5. I’ve been debating on whether to cut my hair short. I’ve never had it short, so I don’t know what I’ll look like. My hairline is a little further back than I’d like, but that doesn’t matter. Do you think I’ll look good with short hair (could you also recommend a length) or should I stick with the current length.

    Here’s a couple pictures of me:

    Thanks in advance!

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